Thursday, January 27, 2011

Beam Me Up Scotty!

Sometimes "time" is just not on your side. Especially when the to do list is higher than the stack of orders on your desk. As a kid I used to act out the show Star Trek. Oh my goodness that brings back many memories. Back then we had those neat communicators as well as the badges. Even our neighbor had the helm setup in his garage. Yep, I'm a trek fan but I don't go to the costume parties :)

I'll quote the movie Star Trek.
"Spock, put aside logic and do what feels right" - Spock (speaking to himself from the future).

The internet is as big as your imagination can dream up. I sometimes wonder if the internet, within the network and all it's space it has to offer the users. One might think, hmm.. is it possible that the computers all networking together create a universe of some sort?

With just a click of your mouse, you can travel to many destinations and never step foot out of your home. Virtual tours, ordering food and of course shopping for all kinds of things under the sun. I'm sure your wondering how does Star Trek fit into the idea of your website. Well, most people on the web are searching for something. They are also very quick about it too! They surf like the Klingon's attack the Star Ships. Show up out of nowhere and zap the are gone!

That's where your website or shall I say your Star Ship might be loosing it's warp drive. One possibility, it's not moving as fast as the other ships in the area. A website is part of the Internet Universe and full of instant gratification surfers.

The website has got to flow easy, quick and to the point. You do not want to waste their time with over crowding and unrelated content. No sense in visiting a website to order a cake when you're searching for a size thirteen shoe. Not too many will wait for over 15 seconds for your website to load. Nowadays it's more like less than 10 seconds max!

I read somewhere that ... Google want's website owners to provide just what they are really about. Keep it human, simple and don't go chasing their rules and how they rank sites to be number one You know what, they are right. If my information is not worthy of being high in the rankings. Then why would I want to spend money or time trying to make it the best when in case it might not be the best.

The most important part to me is .. Customer Service and that keeps my customers coming back for more.

Hope you enjoyed todays post, be sure and come back tomorrow for more!

Beam Me Up!
Snerdey ;)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Free Business Website Template

Announcing the 1st Free Business Website Template of 2011 is has been affiliated with TemplateMonster since 2004. Everyday the designers produce on average about 15 new templates daily that are added to the template search found on our Snerdey website. 

Today it's all about Paying It Forward with a Free Business Template. It comes with PSD sources for you to be able to customize it into whatever you want. And you are absolutely welcome to use this free website template for your own projects or websites, just don't resell it as a template.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: TemplateMonster or Snerdey does not provide support services on free templates – including this one. We only provide support for the products that are being purchased from our website  Snerdey. The free templates are produced according to the latest web standards and we’ve been trying to make the process of working with them as easy as possible, so for people with minimum web development experience it should be easy to work with them. However, if you don’t have any experience, we recommend you to refer to the tutorials or online web design community forums on how to work with platforms that each respective template is made with, or to hire someone to do the job for you.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Snerdey Wish List

Ahh, how sweet it is to have such a list. The list I can tell my friends and family to refer too when they ask me about gifts. Like "what do you want for your birthday?" - you heard that before! Not to mention the holiday seasons. Might as well send them to my own link!

Gifts still not fill filled yet:
Photo Credit - Making Vans Cool Again

There are many other things I'd wish for but why let that cat out of the bag? Some wishes are best keep secret and some are rather personal ya know! I'll keep the list updated as the roll in :)

My birthday is January 28th by the way!

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sex Does Not Sell - Introducing FlashCMS Template # 32243

How can Sex sell? Does everyone think this? Surely not! So, what is it about this phrase "Sex Sells"? I mean, you can see it's only two words. It's not even a full sentence. Is it someone's slogan for their business.. not sure, not checking and surely will not approve any comments or links to such sites. Today, I'm going to test this out. I'll come back and update each time this Flash CMS Template sales from our website. Please see details below on on how to get your website added to today's post.

Click image below or click Online Preview

This is not adult content - Just a great website template for photographers :)

FlashCMS TemplateMonster # 32243 | Normal Price $230 On Sale $207 | Buy Now

Check out the Online Demo of this design.

Template   Info :
Item number : 32243 
Author: Cowboy
Downloads : 10
Sources Available:

For uncompressing a template ZIP package:
WinZip 9+ (Windows);
Stuffit Expander 10+ (Mac);

So, does sex sell?

For those who purchased this template # 32243 please contact us directly. We'll ask for proof of purchase to insure this link was used to make the purchase. No adult content websites allowed.
  • You're up next! Started Jan 18, 2011
  • Downloads - 10
  • Your Website Here
Thank you for purchasing from!

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Featured CMS Website - XML Powered by MotoCMS

The web design community offers many options to website owners, designers and the like. Especially when it comes to CMS (Content Management Systems). Here are Snerdey Web Designs we just completed a complete makeover for the Scott & White Hospital in Taylor, Texas. The site is now powered by MotoCMS using a Customized Flash CMS Website Design. You can also view the professional Flash CMS Templates selection.

Scott & White Hospital | Taylor

Features of this software allow the Hospital to make it's own updates easily and from any computer. There's no MySQL Database as the site information is all in XML. We removed the music, sounds as they did not require that for the site. It also help speed up the loading time. It's less than 5 sec's for me testing on it on a standard cable modem.

Developer Information:

New Quality Level

Using our Flash CMS you may create quality Flash websites of different complexity levels, without any limits and conventions. The possibilities of Moto CMS allow you to satisfy the requirements of the most hard-to-please customers creating truly unique and inimitable in their beauty designs. Now the words regarding the ability to use ANY design for creating Flash website are not meaningless. You don’t need to limit yourself choosing a standard menu or usual content blocks arrangement on all website pages. The final result now depends on your fantasy only.
Each page of the created with Moto CMS website can be original and inimitable. You will get an opportunity to create the unlimited number of pages, not similar to each other, and integrate them into one website.
Animation Diversity
Simply forget that some separate page content elements can be sluggish and lifeless. Here is Moto CMS that will take care of your visitors providing them with a vivid animated picture, and thus putting them in a good mood. Separate images, buttons, bulleted lists and many other elements can be animated as you wish. This effect is achieved by means of the unique system of slots realized in Moto CMS.
Save your time and effortsDon’t even think that the process of adding interactivity to your website will take much time or require additional efforts. Be sure, everything is easy and intuitively clear. Just imagine the amazing interactive experience which you may offer to your visitors.
Here is another important point. The process of creating Flash websites via Moto CMS is similar to the process of creating web pages with Adobe Flash. You don’t even need to radically change your knowledge and views on website creation.
All animation, content blocks creation and content editing can be performed quite easily and don’t require additional special knowledge.
Do Only Effective Work
You may have already focused your attention on this point, but just in case, once again we would like to talk about different levels of website editing via Moto Flash CMS. Now you alone can assign the admin permissions to editing this or that website element.
On the one hand, due to this feature you as a developer get rid of numerous insignificant updates and customer’s knocks, as he can do all these corrections with ease by himself without possessing special knowledge.
On the other hand, you can lock all important functional blocks, widgets or control panel elements from further editing by a website owner. This will make your customer turn to you as the only specialist who can successfully fulfill the given tasks once he needs to do any changes in design or functionality.
This approach makes your life much easier and helps you maximize profits at the cost of additional work on the already created website, as well as it helps you gain a reputation of a professional webmaster when the talk turns to creating Flash websites of new generation both in terms of design and functionality.
End Developer Information
The prices of our services, quality of the product and our commitment to customer service is why our clients keep telling others about us. It's wonderful to have referrals. If you know of anyone or yourself that needs a website of just about any kind. Just let us know, we'd be happy to provide a free consultation.
If you have any questions, just let us know.
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PS - for those of you keeping up with the Monday selections. Sorry for missing the post on Monday. This weeks selection for the diet is Cookies.

Monday, January 17, 2011

New - Razor Templates for Microsoft WebMatrix

A new product line of Templates have been added to the line of templates we now offer on Snerdey Web Designs. They are referred to as Razor Templates. They utilize a Razor syntax for ASP.NET websites, FTP Publishing, website and server management of the Microsoft WebMatrix. Another great tool that allows website owners to easily create and publish their website content.

To buy this template or view more - visit Snerdey web designs.

There are many options when it comes to free or basically free online tools for people to choose from. The WebMatrix is development software that was recently released from Mircosoft. This is a combination of IIS Express, ASP.NET and SQL Server Compact. This creates a lightweight view engine is focused on rapid development.

Highly Convenient Features:
  • WebMatrix streamlines web development, makes it easy to set-up popular free open-source web applications.
  • Allows for one click installation of various CMS systems, including WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.
  • With WebMatrix, website owners can manage their entire website’s content from a user-friendly interface.
  • This Microsoft tool makes it easy to create data bound pages without writing a single line of code to let web developers perform one-shot editing to all shared elements.
  • WebMatrix comes with many Razor helpers that allow social networking integration (Facebook, Twitter), video embedding, and among other things one-click deployment to a selected number of site hosting companies and PayPal procession.

    Learn more about Microsoft WebMatrix
If you have any questions please let us know.
SnerdeyRazor Template

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Yum 2 - 1 ~ Communication

Ever wonder what someone is thinking about while in a conversation with them? Both parties have thoughts in their heads that never come out of your mouths! Mostly cause either you've said too much already or you're doing your best to not cause a train wreck, if you know what I mean. You know those little voices in your head that say shut up, keep going or don't forget to pick up milk on the way home.

Same thing when it comes to your online presence. You don't want to clutter things up with products or paragraphs that have nothing to do with the website. Relative content is one thing, but content that has nothing to do with sites is like saying everything your thinking while in that conversation. It's best to get to the point and keep visitor interested in what you have to say or offer.

I was reading a blog the other day and the line read "If you don't have a Product or Service you don't have a business". That's correct, but you don't have to have a product or service to have a website. There are many great websites that are just personal, like a diary or journal. I especially enjoy working on photography portfolio websites.

A website should also look unique to you or your business. Many in the web design world love using templates. Others don't and prefer making one from scratch. That's great, if you can do it yourself or can afford it! Templates do not have to remain the way they look. They are a starting point for many to get the site off the ground with a little more style than colors and photos than the generic setups.

Being a freelance template editor, custom designer and flash guru that also offer's templates on my main website does not mean I know everything about the web. I don't know too many that understand 20 website platforms across dozens of categories.

My goal is to make you look good at affordable prices. So, if your budget you've assigned to the website is low, like 100 bucks for example. You're not going to get much for that other than a template and possibly install it on your new one year free hosting account that's included with your template purchase. But you're going to look good!

Before you go spending a dime, let's talk about what you need the website to do for you. I love helping people save money. I'll also do my best to not bring up my grocery list while we're visiting!

Hope you've enjoyed today's post. Be sure and come back tomorrow for more!
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Thursday, January 13, 2011

They Grow Up So Fast

As humans, we're able to participate in life's miracle of creating offspring. Heck, the whole world is at it. From the fishes in the sea to the birds in the trees. When the Doctor hands over your child, it's an amazing feeling! You're so high in the clouds it's almost unreal. Before your child is born there's lots of prep work involved. Including going to the Doctor for checkups and let's not forget joining your wife at Lamaze classes!

Alicia - Married July 2010 :)

Now back at home there's a special new crib or used one - thank goodness! All the pink colors (in our case) and supplies are there like the special baby blanket, the rattler of course and all kinds of baby food. Not to mention the diapers! There's a lifetime commitment going on here ya know! You should apply this type of dedication and efforts when it comes to your online offspring if you will.

You take the time to come up with a great name as well has hosting for your online existence. Bragging will get you no where. But, if you take the time to remember you're human and not a billboard. I think you'll find more success than if you just went around the web blabbing about your niche of the world wide web. Kinda like todays post. Sure, I sell website templates and offer a free year of hosting with your template purchase. But, that's not the main focus of my post now is it?

Hope you've enjoyed todays post, be sure and come back tomorrow for more.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Everything Goes But The Kitchen Sink

Take a really close look at this basket of goodies. I put together all kinds of things from the kitchen. Kicking around the idea of making a great potato soup. Notice some of the spuds are trying to call my kitchen home! There are many ways to making a great soup. Some of the best are just the idea of using everything except the kitchen sink!

So, with this in mind. What do you think does not belong as part the idea of "making" tonights soup? Sure, there are things missing like pots and pans etc.. So let's just focus on everything inside this basket. Does anything not belong as part of the process of creating tonights soup? Of course the ash try is not going in the soup. I don't smoke either, the serving spoon is going to rest on it while it's cooking.

Check to see if something in the photo below is just not part of the process. Comment on what is not part of a good soup and why? Of course, I just go to the local restaurant or cafe. I just prefer home cooked meals myself.

If content is king, it's gotta taste good too! And when I refer to taste I'm talking about eye candy and those little bots that go around indexing the web. One would not want to have an online floral website with unrelated items on the site. I have no desire to place the flashlight in the soup, but it's handy in case the power goes out. Just don't think I'd sell very many flashlights from my online florist website

Hope you've enjoyed todays post, be sure and come back tomorrow for more!

Free Travel Website Template

The design team has released another free template. You can download at no charge for use on your website project. The template has been designed with travel in mind. It also contains suggested functions and areas for you to consider using for your project.

You can find more freebie templates here.

We also have a huge selection of Premium Templates for you to choose from. Once purchased the download is normally ready within 15 minutes.

Thank you for tuning in today, be sure and come back tomorrow for more!

Monday, January 10, 2011

It's Monday - Time To Choose What To Lose

Last Monday it was the long awaited beverage "Beer". Yep, it's been a week now without one single drop. Did I miss it? Not really, kinda wished it was one of the first things I picked. Guess I just wanted to save some of my favorites for last. It's week 54 now and over the year choosing something to quit doing has become easy as just saying it to myself and that's it. Of course when I reach my goal I fully intend on returning some of my favorites.. just in moderation ;)

Today's post is a little special to me. I hope you find it interesting and I'd love to hear your comments!

Here's a "Chapter Share" of my book. Let's take a peek inside ;)
* The book is almost completed. I've got to go back and redo things so, your feedback is appreciated.

How Sweet It Is

Today's pick is Sugar. I totally had to prepare for this one being it's such a huge part of my daily life. I just had to build up to removing sugars as this is not going to be easy as pie. My mornings normally begin with three cups of coffee. I prefer the half and half caffeine type. Good thing I drink it black! This is for those of you who add sugar and cream. No, you don't have to change your coffee habit. I would not dare want you to lose that special treat we get to keep everyday. That's everyone's little secret!

I've given this a lot of thought and researched a few websites regarding sugars. One of the websites that really caught my attention were the good people over at They have an interesting way of showing you the amount of sugar in many popular foods. I did not believe my eyes when I noticed the amounts of sugars inside foods that I considered healthy. In many ways they are healthy. But, to someone on a diet we have to be aware of just how sweet it is.

Here's a quote from the website that says it in a nutshell.

"The method of my diet is simple. I count calories. Everything I eat, I write down the calorie count, keeping a running total. I limit my daily intake to 1500-1600 calories per day. No exceptions are allowed. If I cannot figure out the exact calorie count for something, I don't eat it." - By SugarStacker on July 16, 2009 8:14 PM

Now I'm not saying go throw away all the bags of sugars and things from your pantry. If there's anything you're no longer eating be sure and donate it to your local charity. So, how would I remove sugar from my daily coffee. Like this..

I'm going to use two teaspoons of sugar and a enough cream to make it a lite brownish color for this sample. That's how I used to drink coffee for years and years. Since I did this method myself anyone should be able to do it.

Monday - Day One
Well, since it's not good for anyone around you to go cold turkey on sugar. Just reduce it slowly during this week so by next Monday you're ready to move to the next item. Today, enjoy your coffee as you like.

Tuesday - Day Two
Let's make a slight change to the first cup today. Reduce the sugar to one and a half teaspoons. Use slightly less cream. You can choose to do this for all cups today. But, remember I only drink three cups a day.


Hope you've enjoyed today's post. Be sure and come back tomorrow for more!

A BIG Shout Out!To all my fellow bloggers in the v7Network 30 Day Blogging Challenge.
You're a great bunch!!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rent Me For $450 A Month

Got your attention?

Why is it that people think you're a computer repair guru just cause you own a website? Soon as I tell someone that I have a website etc.. they think you're a computer-repair-walk-on-water-do-anything-guru. I finally just stopped explaining it and just do my best :)

While on my way over to a friends home to repair an aging desktop. I passed by a billboard that read "Rent Me for $450 a month". Really got me to thinking. These things are normally $3,500 in the good old days. Of course location has a lot to do with it. But, this city is full of them. Kinda thinking they are mostly ignored.

I don't recall the last time I passed a billboard that made me go surf for something.

Like to know your thoughts...
  • Ever consider using one?
  • Have you ever rented one?

Hope you enjoyed today's post, it's crazy busy around here today. Thus I left my billboard "blank". Be sure and come back tomorrow for more.. I'd also love to hear your comments.


Saturday, January 8, 2011


Living on farm the raining days brought out the puzzles. I'd spend hours putting the 500 piece puzzle together. Sometimes it would take me days. It was very rewarding for me to place the final piece. I'd glue it with Elmer's glue and place them on the walls. Over the years I did lots of puzzles and when I got a little older I asked for one gift. A pool table to learn trick shots as we'd always go to the local hamburger joint on the weekends. They had a couple of pool tables. The teenagers were always goofing around with trick shots. Come Christmas morning a pickup showed up with a good used pool table. Under the tree was one gift for me. It was a book of trick shots. I spend every free moment I had learning the tricks.

One of the most important things I learned from all this at the age of nine, was the part in the book where they would push the idea of having patience.

I've since applied this to my business. There are lots of things I want to do with the company. I still prefer to take things slow and easy allowing for the ideas to grow on their own to develop into good things for my clients.

One of the things I've always wanted to make is my own silk screen t-shirts. For years I thought it was too much work and the investment was risky. Last night I attended a class in advanced jewerly design. The class was being held at my friends home who just also happens to be my tattoo artist. You know what was in his garage? Yep, a complete setup to create your own silk screen t-shirts! I waited 20 years to get my 1st tat. Since we were introduced, we've been helping each other's businesses etc.. I'm now creating a website for his 3 shops. Told him my little story. He's now going to teach me how to do everything from A-Z and that I could use it anytime I want.

Wow.. then this get's better!

The instructor is a professor at a local college. We visited and I explained my long time goal of helping students learn more about the web. Create a revenue stream and provide support, consulting etc.. for them. We're going to be meeting soon. He also advised I should offer a weekend class for people to attend for a fee that includes everything thing they need for the first year. I replied "you just read my mind" .. we both smiled :)

Then he added. I'd like to hire you to create my custom business card artwork. That's one of the projects on the calendar today.

Good things indeed come to those that wait...

Hope you've enjoyed today's story, be sure and come back tomorrow for more.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Snerdey's "BIG" Secret

Today's post is not about business but in a way it is. No, I'm not going to end it with a special offer or discount. So how is it about business without asking you to whip out that credit card or signup. Easy.. I'm going to tell you what I've been up too since January 2010.. don't leave just yet as you might know someone that could use what I'm about to share with the world :)

Dad and Me Before My Diet (all in my gut)
Notice.. he's looking at my belly!

I call it = My Monday Diet

I've been writing my 1st book since last January 2010. When I have a moment or think of something I've changed or modified in my diet I've shared it. Soooooooo many people are over weight in this world. You don't have to be 100's of pounds over your average class weight. I'm 6' 6" and it's easy to hide a pound here and there believe you me!

Spent way too much time at the desk, drinking too many beers, bbq'g and eating fast food on the go. My weight really sneaked up on me to a whopping 350 lbs (now that's really being sneaky) eh? I looked more like a walking peanut .. but somehow the bad habits just remained.

Skipping all the details.. I went to California in January 2010 to be there for my dad's cancer surgery. 1st thing he told me was "boy, ya huge!" yep it hit my like a rock and I felt like eating more there and then!!

I drove over there cause I wanted to have my Jeep with me and I thought since I'm single that it might just be my new home. Once he was done with recovery, by the way he's also a cancer survivor - YEAH! He said.. "so, when ya thinking of heading back?". Within a week I was headed home.

On the way home I had lots of time to think. Must have stopped for gas a zillion times. Each time getting some chips, candy, cold sandwich, peanuts and a coke. Took me 3 days to get home as I was not in a rush. By the time I got home, there was a shocking result of 3 day drive as the scale showed that I gained 10 pounds, that I needed?

That's when I figured out that I had to take this seriously. It was easy for me to see what I did wrong. I knew what I ate, I was not exercising at all. Pretty much everyone hates dieting. After giving it much thought I decided to try something totally different. I thought of this idea all on my own. And you know what.. it worked. I'm now 260lbs and with more pounds to loose to be back in shape like I was in high school :)

How did I do it?

You won't believe me but here it goes..

It was a Monday when I went to the store to get some gas. While in the store I grabbed my coke, chips and peanuts. It was about 10:30, just had 3 breakfast taco's a couple of hours before. So right there and then it was clear as day to me what I was doing wrong. Here's my 1st step of my diet, I decided to start getting rid of the daily habits. First thing that came to mind was no one can eat just one chip, correct? So, I grabbed one chip, ate it and closed the bag for good! This was not easy and I found myself eating other junk instead!

The following Monday I was at the same store getting gas. I changed the drink to one of those Zero types as I love sodas. This time I did not buy the peanuts.. just the soda. I still eat whatever it is I want for breakfast, lunch and supper. Being it was a Monday, just figured it's a good day to choose to select what I'm removing from my daily habits.

One Monday I decided to cut out French Fries.. oh, that was the hardest. Next it was candy then I picked no more shots or mixed drinks! It's been a year now and I've lost a total of 90 lbs. I can actually see my feet if you know what I mean - LOL

Once I'm back to my normal weight I've been telling myself that I'll be able to have a fry now and then, a candy bar but just not every day.

Summer 2010 South Padre Island
In front of the Hardhat Tree
45 pounds missing .. you should see me now!
(smaller photo, it was a cell photo shot)

My book needs a name... What do you think a good name would be for it?

I love my Dad!

PS.. it's about business cause I need to stay healthy for all those counting on me to be there for them. I'm so looking forward to the day I can start hiring help :)

Hope you've enjoyed today's post, be sure and come back tomorrow for more.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Exclusive Offer To All v7Network Blogging Challenge Members

I had the pleasure of meeting Cricket when I joined the v7Network forum. The moderators, Mentors are a great bunch of people. They really make you feel at home. Somehow I got the attention of someone there and was given the title Mentor myself. It's an honor for anyone to be noticed. Thanks guys and gals!

So, on with what todays post is all about.

To All Members of the v7Network 30 Day Challenge
Over the past few days I've seen many blogs posted in the challenge. Some are new as a result of this challenge which is a great idea! Something I've also noticed is how many are using the basic setup from WordPress with an image at the top. Nothing wrong with that whatsoever. For those who'd like to make it more personal or business but are not web designers read on.

Today I thought I'd offer my time at no charge to help anyone of my fellow members who'd like to add a theme but need a little help with adding it to their website. There are many free themes on the web and for the most part those will work just fine. Since I can't offer my time fully for free here are some excellent options and information for you to review.

What's a theme? Well, it's like a new paint job for your car. Heck, it can even make the car look like a totally different car! Back to themes, they are also referred to as skins. But, since they also change the location of menus, add more options for layout. They are called Themes.
  • A Little Help please... FREE Consultation
    If you'd like some assistance with your WordPress site. Shoot me over an email directly at and get on my calendar. Let me know what your blog url is and what you'd like for it to look like. Take a look at all the free themes on the web. We can visit about it and do some research to make sure it's the right theme for you. This is a free consultation to help get you in the right direction. I'll even provide you with typical instructions on how to do it yourself. Most of the themes all come with directions so it will depend on your technical skills too. I'd be happy to read over the instructions and advise if this is something you'd be comfortable tackling yourself. Otherwise I'd have to dedicate a couple of hours to your project thus I had to create some premium options below.
  • Just The Top Image... FREE Labor
    If you'd just like to replace the top image with a custom image or some company information, kids photos etc.. I'd be happy to create those at no charge as well. These would be more fun anyway as I totally enjoy editing photos. Now, if you need a photo to use and don't have something to use. Don't just go grab something off the web. You want to own that image so you have the right to use it. Free downloads.. well, where did they get those photos? I'd visit Fotolia as they have zillions to choose from for like $1 but before you choose you should contact me to insure you get the right size as you'll want it not to be too small or too big. Then once you have the image send it to me, let me know what you want on it. Please don't abuse this offer so you'll want to send me as much detail as possible so we're not spending hours on a 15 min project :)
Premium Service
Well, I can't spend all day working for free. So, for those that require more work or just don't want to mess with the themes. I have some ideas to help you not only save money but you can also have an amazing looking WordPress site for just a couple of hours of my time. Time is money and my rates have not changed since 2004. Not too many will post hourly rates but not me. My hourly rate is $35 and I always quote not to exceed so many hours. If I do, either I eat it all myself as I don't charge if I'm not able to get it to work for you either.

Premium Themes
We have a huge selection of Premium WordPress Themes here at Snerdey Web Designs. You can search through 100's of them. We also install other theme suppliers such as ThemeForest. Now there's always an issue with plugins etc.. we're not able to insure they are compatible with your website. If you purchase a theme and we're not able to get it to work on your website we will not charge you for our labor. Mostly, you'd get them to work by disabling a plugin and then tackle that plugin issue on your own or replace it. The process can be rather complicated but we're used to it :)

I hope you've enjoyed my post today. Be sure and come back tomorrow for more.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

So, how can Snerdey help my business?

That's an easy question to answer! Might be a little long winded as we do many things so let's take a look at what we do that save our clients money everyday.

Hosting Services
Since 2004 our hosting accounts started out at 2GB for $69.00/year and we're still at the same low price today in 2011. You have your choice of a cPanel server or our Rackspace servers. The cPanel is the most popular choice for many clients that choose to manage their own accounts, websites. Our Rackspace servers are more streamlined for basic functions of email creation and databases. Already have hosting.. no problem, we'll work with them directly for you to insure your new website from us will work on their servers. Not all hosting services are the same.

We don't like keeping all of our client accounts in one basket. We're currently maintaining services with two data centers with plans to expand into our third data center in 2011.

Data Center One
Orlando, Florida
cPanel Server

Data Center Two
San Antonio, Texas
RackSpace Server

Domain Names
Normally clients already have a domain or one in mind. Domains are cheaper these days as many companies give them away for free. But, it's all being paid somehow somewhere. So, we don't try and hide any charges. We started out in 2004 at $15.00 / year for a domain. But, over the years we've learned a lot about domains like keeping up with expiration dates! You'd think that would be a breeze. Try it a few times everyday from the year before keeping up with all those renewals, subscriptions etc.. For those that prefer to have us handle the domain needs we're now charging a flat fee of $20.00/year. You'll need to do your research and find a domain name that's available for you to purchase. I'd suggest using a website like DomainsBot - then just let us know what all choices you found. We'll be happy to consult with you to help make the best decision for your website address.

Website Templates
In the beginning, was once a new website too, when you think of creating a website for a company it's easy. When it came time for us to promote our website promoting templates we looked at many options as most of us are coders, programmers. So, templates came to mind. Started surfing the net and found many options and decided to go with TemplateMonster. We liked it so much we joined their team of affiliates (over 160k of them!) Never thought it would turn into what it is today. The #1 Template Supplier on the net! We help you save money when purchasing a template with our 10% daily discount.

Website Consulting
We actually do not charge to help you determine if a website template or our services are right for your project. This helps everyone involved save time and money. Even if you don't choose our services at least you'll have a better understanding of your options.

Website Quotes
Don't have the extra time to spend searching the 1,000's of templates and options available to you on the website. Take a moment to let us know what you have in mind. We'll search our website for a few options to send you. You'll be able to click a link and view the designs. Keep in mind you're looking for the look and feel of the layout. Not so much the colors, images as those can be modified.

Template Editing
Sometimes clients get the idea that templates are supposed to be for anyone to be able to purchase and add to their website. They go purchase a website template and start spinning wheels right off the bat. Webdesign is not for everyone and not all templates are the same format or platform if you will. There are WordPress Themes, Full Website Kits, Flash 8, CMS Software view more templates here. There are over 16 types and dozens of categories. It can get rather confusing. We offer our consulting services at no charge for our Hosted Clients.

Custom Websites
Sure, there are those special projects that require breaking out the scratch pad and creating a website from a blank page. Hopefully the client has an idea of what they'd like to have on the website including colors, how many pages and what all they want it to do. This is not the cheap route as you're asking for something unique. We'll do our best to make the price fair to everyone. Just because your asking for a custom website does not mean it has to be outragously expensive. Not everyone is a graphics editor, coding specialist or even know what FTP means. So, that's when we come into play. No, we're not going to ask you what you budget is for the project. We'll listen to you, give ideas and suggestions. You'll make the choice that fits best for you.

What's with the Freebies?
TemplateMonster is big on giving away freebies, free trials and all kinds of discounts. Currently with every template purchase you'll get 1 year free hosting for your new project! More bonuses included and are subject to change without notice.

Any questions?

We're here 24/7/365
877-619-6609 Toll Free
512-868-7762 Texas

That's it for today, be sure and come back for more tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What does a Farmer and Webmaster have in common?

Right off the bat they both get up at the crack of dawn. Yeah right! Most webmaster's get up in the afternoon! So, this story is about those early birds. The farmer has a rooster to wake them up as the rooster crows every morning. The webmaster has the smell of fresh coffee brewing in the morning via the auto timer on the coffee maker. They are both up and ready for a full days work. So, let's see just how they are the same.

The farmer will need to tend to the heard. Most have cattle or some livestock they've invested into for the market or maybe a horse just for riding. Now the webmaster has clients as livestock. They all need to be monitored, checked, tested via the maintenance contracts they've got going on. All of this happens before any projects are started.

The webmaster then checks email, tweets something and even might post a new photo on Facebook. While the farmer is checking the gas tanks, oil and insuring the machines are greased up and ready for plowing.

Now, the farmer is riding a tractor and the webmaster is sitting in their chair at the desk. The computer is their machine that they use to tend to the crops or the internet shall we say :)

When the day is over the farmer is able to look back and say "Yep, I've taken care of everything just need a little more rain" the rain helps the crops grow thus the ROI is the sale of the corn, wheat, potato's etc.. Now, the webmaster is able to look back and say "Cool, I've got all the sites updated, online marketing is running, online advertising and says I just need a few more clicks and sales" thus this is their ROI. Return on investment is the key to monitoring any business.

So, what's the difference in the Farmer and the Webmaster?

Physical Stress vs. Mental Stress.
ROI is higher for the Webmaster in the long run.
One gets filthy dirty while the other is always clean.

How do I know this, why do I think it?
I was raised on a 500 acre farm from the age of nine till I was fifteen. It was hard work and the only thing I got was my room, food, clothes and a go cart. Friends were a miles apart. I'm happy that I was able to experience the life of a farmer. But, when the telephone tech showed up to repair our phone. I asked a lot of questions. Three years later I was working for South Western Bell as a telephone contract installer.. that's another story.

Hope you've enjoyed todays thoughts.. come back tomorrow for more.

Monday, January 3, 2011

What Does Your Website Do Anyway?

It's the 1st Monday of the New Year 2011
Happy New Year Everyone!

Believe it or not I was fast asleep by 9:30pm on New Years Eve! 1st time for everything. Lately the orders and scheduling don't care too much about holidays. Next year, it's going to be a little different for sure! Well, it's too big of a day not to mention a few things in my 1st post of the year. Normally I'll just blurt out what comes to mind. So, let's get this party started!

For starters our good friends over at the V7Network posted a 30 day blog challenge for those that blog and those that don't that have been thinking about having a blog. It's a great idea to motivate other website owners or professional bloggers to get back in the routine of posting daily blogs, including me! Pretty sure anyone is welcomed to join. The official notice is on the home page of the v7Network Blog, it's never too late to start blogging!

One of the most common things my clients visit with me about during our initial conversation is what is the website job? What is it you want it to do for you? I hear all kinds of ideas go from dream stage to project completion. Being that many are webmasters, newbies and small business owners. Questions are bounced around and the concept is brought to light so everyone's on the same page. Corporate projects tend to know exactly what they want and have a set business model in place.

Most website owners create a site with the intentions of doing the same as everyone else. Get noticed, make sales, increase clicks or return on investment. There are so many ways that a website can bring in results. The most popular ways is to create a website promoting someone else's product or services. Typically referred to as affiliate programs or reseller accounts. Many of the businesses running this type of marketing require you to have lots of traffic or an established site as they don't want to have 10,000's accounts just sitting out there on the web doing nothing.

Even if you're creating a website with your own unique niche product. There's nothing wrong with sharing the limelight with others. Most bloggers use some form of making money, donations etc.. or promoting their services like I normally do.

I've used this referral program to help others Monetize their websites or blog using a company that has it's own network of websites via it's Advertisers and Publishers services it offers site owners a way sell or buy advertising on the web. If your new to this they are currently offering a Free $20 Trial. That's how I joined and you can cancel anytime.

Coming up..

We're always gearing up to tackle the task already at hand. Snerdey is currently in our 7th year and come June 2011 we'll be starting our 8th year! So, be sure and join us on Facebook so you'll be notified of the celebration with online sales and specials.

Currently creating a new site for my own website. The goal was to have it ready by January 1, 2011. Lucky for me I can keep pushing back my own sites to insure clients projects are moving along. The website is a few months in the making already so I don't mind putting it on the back burner. Gives me lots of time to work on making it user friendly and as informative as possible.

I'll also be mixing it up my post with both business, personal and just life in general. Maybe even share a few BBQ tips now and then. I think those 3 Guineas have it made... they are just up there on that roof checking out that sunset. Not too concerned with checking emails, fixing codes. Those birds are indeed living the dream.

Thanks for tuning in today.. come back tomorrow for some more.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011 From Snerdey

Wow it's already January 3, 2011

Officially the 1st Monday of the new year. It's also the 1st post of the year. Lot's of 1st will all be happening this year. You know you hear people say the're spinning plates, wearing many hats? That's how most web designers are. They are happier with lot's of things to do everyday or a weeks worth of work done within a day. The one thing that most designers are is fast.

If they are not careful they'll overlook something, save an email in the wrong place.. lot's can start to snowball when we focus on one website too long. This year will be no different except busier than last year for me. History has proven this since day one and my calendar is looking more like a menu in a restaurant. I'd like to personally thank all of our clients, partners, affiliates and so many friends for your support throughout the years. Here's to your continued success!

What's new this year?

With each year that comes and goes it's always the 1st day of the new year that is full of visions both past and future. We're lucky as humans as we're able to make choices everyday that have a direct affect on tomorrow. Here's to yours, ours and loved ones that the year 2011 brings many of your good visions to light. That you're able to close the door to the past and enjoy the new year as it's intended to be... full of life, love and happiness.

It's not always about sales and specials :)
Did I just say that?

There's a new calendar on my desk with January 01, 2011. Oh man, it's good to start the new year on time and I'm thankful to have so many happy clients. When your're a freelance web designer that also caters supplies to webmasters both newbies and seasoned coders as well as maintain you own clients websites. There's also 2 data center accounts for hosting, emails for clients and about to add a 3rd as I don't like keeping them all in one data center. You just have to wear a lot of hats in this business. Sometimes those hats are full of information and experience, some are still learning as well so I have to rely on my network of partners, affiliates and team players that all share the same goal of customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction has always been the #1 goal of my work. Many times in the beginning I quoted low knowing I could knock out a job real quick and save them some money, get me a sale. Well over the past years there's been a lot of changes to the web and lots of new rules of the road if you will. With search engine companies switching up search results one really has to tend to their website. So many website owners tend to just create the few pages and walk away from it. That's like starting in a race and running 10 feet to stop. The rest will indeed pass you by with fresh content, new pages, blogs, tweets.. social marketing .. heck, all kinds of marketing not to mention common SEO practices.

Snerdey has the support of 100's people behind the name. I love to consult with clients, kick the can around with ideas then come up with the design with not only what they want but most importantly .. what they can afford. Which brings me to something that one needs to consider when starting a new website. As with just about anything in life.. you get what you pay for.

So before you spend a dime on anything. Feel free to contact me and I'll be happy to take the time to review what you have in mind. I'll be happy to supply you with a list of options or even if need be refer you to one of our partners we trust. It's all about who you know.. not how much you pay.

Best of luck to everyone with this new year. Thank you for choosing for your website services. As promised our rates are still the same as they were in 2004 with no plans to increase. Money is important but it's not everything :)

Snerdey was established June 2004 and now in it's 7th year.. our official celebration will be June 2011. Be sure and sign up for our new upcoming newsletter so you don't miss out on the good deals and freebies we've got planned.

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