Thursday, August 7, 2014

Public or Re-Seller Hosting - What's right for you?

Sharing my amazing mood today with the world on many levels both personal and business. Today I'm celebrating 6 months of marriage to my wonderful wife Evgenia and I also signed up for a my 4th hosting server reselling account :)

If your new to hosting there are so many options on the web today I know it can be confusing. For me, I like to have servers across the States of USA as I hosting mostly US companies, friends and even some of my own websites. What's the difference, what is best to choose for your website project?

I own one website.
You would think this is a simple process for you but it's really not. You might be using a online site builder or even a free account at you might not actually have a domain yet. Even the website you have or plan to have most likely has hosting requirements. Some websites need more power, server abilities or special setups.
I own many websites.
Maybe you have domains at difference registrars, hosting companies. Can be rather complex especially if you do not want downtime. If you want to get all your domains, websites in one location then sign up here and get started with organizing your projects into one hosting account to make your life simpler.

Selling Hosting - Public.
This is easy as pie as my grandma would say, of course she was not talking about hosting she was talking about cleaning my room or doing laundry. If you want to sell hosting to the public it's not hard and you need a couple of things.
  • Need a cool, easy to remember domain name and register it using the following bullet.
  • Once you have decided what domain is not taken or you will transfer you need to select how much you're willing to spend in order to make hosting sales. But it also depends do you want to deal with clients directly or become an affiliate and use a link to promote the hosting service that pays you for referrals?
Selling Hosting - Private.
You only need to select a reseller account and for the domain name page make a small custom image, logo and put something like "Private Server" you should not put customer login link etc.. you would want to give your clients the link to login directly - if that is you not taking care of their needs directly. At any rate I'd provide the "account information" to any client in case your no longer able to work or something worse... don't leave clients in the dark.

There's more options like Virtual Private Servers, Dedicated Servers and of course dedicated IP addresses you can learn all about them here.

Thank You!!!
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