Thursday, September 1, 2011

Stretched Flash CMS Template

This design was created to stretch to full width of visitors monitors. The navigation menu provides an easy to read and uncluttered layout providing a quick way to view your website content. I really like the one page effect even though it still shows a unique page url for each page selected. That's one of the cool things about a Flash CMS Templates. The pages have their own page names for SEO functions. Unlike standard Flash Sites which have one page, one file and little or no SEO.

If you have not tried Flash CMS and you're seeking to impress visitors with your services, display artworks, photos then this design is one to keep in mind. Sure, it's designed for a web designer service but that's the beauty of these types of templates. Easily adaptable to work with just about any service that needs to show samples of their work on the web. Change the logo, company name, images and now you have a website designed to fit your niche of the internet.

So go ahead.. take it for a test spin!

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