Thursday, January 17, 2008

osCommerce Webmaster's Guide to Selling Online - Book Review

Someone finally took the time to write a book about osCommerce websites and knocked it out of the park! The publishing company contacted us and asked us if we would like to review the work for them and you know what.. they nailed it! Even a seasoned webmaster can stand to learn a few things from this book!

It's a real book and not some ebook you download. I read it on the plane yesterday and I highlighted tons of stuff for our guys to learn up on. Things we overlooked even, but still the sites work. Just things that made since to me and made me go hmmm.

With over 380 pages and 12 chapters it covers everything anyone would need to know about osCommerce and then some!

It's put together in a way that you can read it for start to finish or select certain areas you want to improve on. I really like the fact that they took the time to put in sample codes as well.

The book was published by Packt out of UK and was written by Vadym Gurevych from the Ukraine. I know there are a lot of people over there that use oscommerce on a daily basis. Mostly designing custom websites for the most part.

Oscommerce is the perfect solution for just about any online store either new or existing. One of the best ideas if you already have some other store site is to install the OSC in a new folder so you can setup everything and then switch it over or redirect, link to whatever. Point is for a few bucks you can give your free oscommerce site a new look using a Oscommerce Template then get the book to totally push the template to work for you to the fullest!

Get your copy of the book right from the source here.

Happy Selling!