Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Full Screen Websites

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 Online Admin Demo of this design.

A brand new Flash CMS Template has just been released and ready for your business website! This is a clean and simple website layout. There's music but as always that can be removed or changed to one of your own tracks.

While previewing the website design you can activate the "Full Screen" by clicking the icon in the footer of the website. It's a square with an arrow within the icon. Once full screen, just click your Esc button on the keyboard to return to normal view.

This design features an image of a woman next to a globe which of course you can change with your own images. The menu at the top opens pages that cover the main image with a cool animation effect. The menu supports sub menus as shown in the Services tab.

Snerdey offer's a 10% TemplateMonster Discount.

Any questions just let us know :)

Thank you,