Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Discount Template Promo Codes

You've seen them all over the web. Most of them do not even work or whatever it is they are trying to make them do. The main goal is to get your attention to purchase a template via their websites and use the promo code to get the advertised discounts. It's pretty much hit and miss when it comes to getting deals on the web. Until those who've visited our website only to find that we do not offer Template Promo Codes. The templates on our website www.Snerdey.com are indeed already discounts the full 10% off each and everyday.

Sorry we're not allowed to offer any other lower prices, discounts for templates as the max is set by our affiliation with TemplateMonster. We've been with Template Monster since 2004 and actually purchased our first template in 2003 to promote our web design services.

Now our website caters to webmasters across the globe. We have clients from around the world seeking sales and deals on templates. Even that our website is pure English they are still purchasing via our website as all affiliates use the checkout system provided by TM. So why bother chasing promo codes when you can select yours, buy it and download it knowing you got the best "legal" deal we can offer you!

Any questions.. feel free to contact us via our Toll Free Number 877-619-6609 or visit our website and click on the live chat icon at the top of our website.

We're here to not only supply you with the most professional predesigned templates of flash, flash cms, oscommerce, zen-cart and all kinds of others to chose from. Actually the template numbers are now in the 27,000 rango so there are 1,000's to choose from.

For those who want to pick out a design and have it edited to fit their needs we also offer great custom website editing at prices that most business budgets can afford. We can totally control the price. You don't have to start with all the bells and whistles. It can all be done in stages and we're so low we scare most clients away.. oh well!

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Have a Great New Year!

Monday, January 11, 2010

InTuiT Easy Websites - Snerdey's Review

My website www.snerdey.com has promoted templates since it's creation. Most of the designs we sell are mainly designed for webmasters to save time and money in creating websites. There's not a day that goes by that I don't have a conversation with a client, new visitor or just in public places meeting new people that really want to control cost and do it themselves with little or very low cost mostly for start up businesses. My hopes are that in reading this you'd consider trying one of our newest affiliations with INTUIT Web Sites. And since we're promoting this as a free trial for you and or your business it would be even better if you'd keep us in mind as your business grows and for your future needs.

The free trial does require that you enter credit card information but that's to make sure your website remains functioning in the event you want to continue using the site for a small fee. I've tried so many of these myself on the web and I can tell you from my own usage that this is what I would choose for anyone who wants to be 100% in control of the website.

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Intuit: Easy as 1, 2, 3

What's even better is your in charge. It's your website and you have full say of all editing, content and it really is easy as 1, 2, 3.

If you give it a try, let us know about your site so we can link to it for you right here in this post. We'd love to hear from you!

Happy Editing :)

Snerdey.com is affiliated with Intuit and we've provided this as a review and we also get credit for your free trial. So help us spread the word, tell your friends about our blog post today!