Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Flash CMS Automotive Website

Flash CMS Website Template - Powered by MotoCMS | Live Demo

This design is all about the automotive dealer or auto review type websites. It's a fancy way to show off new car features with some slick pencil animation between pages. That's the screen shot above of the animation that shows once you click to different pages of the website. I actually like it best myself but this is not about what I like, it's about what works and this site works for me and I'm sure other visitors will agree!

Each photo of the car now has specific sections with their own photo, details. Making it a more personal option to really show off the automobile in a new way.

Contact us for any assistance in setting up your website. We'll even give you a free quote. No, it does not have to be a car website.. we can handle just about anything you throw at us!

Go ahead.. give it a test drive :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

When Gas Was 13.6 Cents

While visiting my best friends mothers house, out in the country about 20 miles from Austin, Texas. As we got closer I knew this was going to be a step back in time.  Once we started to pull into the long rock covered driveway. It was like nothing changed from their childhood days. I use that term loosely cause it was a time of innocence, family and friends. Yes, wars were going on. Battles over this and that. But, back home everyone did their best to continue life in the best way possible. Happy with what they have as well as grateful, blessed .. I could go on forever cause back thing they must have thought it was going to go on forever.

Even during the great depression, people tried to live a normal life as possible. Eat, Sleep and yes.. work hard. I mean, work hard! If you were to compare what's in the bedroom, school locker, pockets and even in the hair of one 16 year old male of 1945 and one 16 year old male of 2011. You'd find more than 100 differences.. eh?

So let's see if I can remember when I was 16?

I'm 46 now, so that would be 30 years ago. Hmm, gas was about $1.35 per gallon. I had one of those Texas Hardship Drivers Licenses cause you only needed a part-time job and come from divorce family etc.. I was extremely lucky enough to have an International Scout II - all mine! Our dad provided the 1st ride for each of the 4 siblings with me being the youngest by 8 years.. yea, I was not supposed to happen! (wicked evil laugh)!!

Even 10 years after their divorce, without asking or ever talking about it. I was flown up to Tenn where he worked. Sitting there in the airport parking lot was the gift he said he wanted to give me. My mom and I drove it back.. wow! That was an amazing vacation :) Dad got the vehicle from one of those city auctions for impounded cars, drug bust etc.. for $800 bucks. Wish I still had that Scout, it's worth $15k now. Holy Crud Batcat!!! I know this because the receipt and all the paperwork was in the glove box.

All of this got me started working harder mowing yards in the neighborhood. I had pay for the gas to get to all the parties. I mean, gigs no wait.. ahh, sleep overs.. no, drat! Bonfires, camp outs and cook outs on the lake! Yep, that's it!

During the summer of 1981, still 16 year old teenager mind you. I was working at Wendy's - actually, McDonald's was my 1st job. I truly approached each of my ventures.. jobs.. as careers. Thank you for the lessons in life people :) Back then kids were just focused on themselves.. yeah, not much has changed.. lol.

I must have tired 30 jobs over the years. Landed some amazing careers along the way.. IBM, AT&T as well as SWB could not keep up with my multitasking mind. I actually got bored often till a buddy told me his place of employment was hiring. Big shout out to Steve Case for the career at AOL before 9-11. I finally decided to venture off on my own with Snerdey in 2004 :)

History of Gas Prices
Today Aug 2011, gas is: $3.54 per gallon.
Unfortunately, there is little to no solid data on gas prices before the 1950's, and so we'll begin our journey through the history of gas prices here. In 1950, gasoline cost about 26.8 cents per gallon. Gas rose about a cent or so per year until 1957 where gas was in its most remarkable period. From 1957 to 1969, prices at the pump only went up a total of 3.8 cents from 31 cents per gallon to 34.8 cents per gallon! Visit the History Of Gasoline. -

How much was gas per gallon back when you were 16?
What were you driving, if any or carpooling, horse buggy.. walking?
Tell us about your 1st job! Come on, don't be shy :)
How much is gas currently in your home town?

Wanna help me buy more gas.. err, wait I don't own a vehicle!
Visit my website and purchase a website template to help pay for taxi fairs :)

Most of all.. have fun.. no matter what!
Snerdey :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

They're Just Donuts!

Today we're going to learn a little more about how donuts can help you make a decision when selecting how to design your 1st or even you're 12th website!

So how can donuts help you do anything? For starters we're not going to eat these donuts today. Just talk about them so keep your paws off my assorted box of donuts :) So let's check out a couple of things these donuts all have in common. They are round in shape, all have a hole of some sort and they are sweet. Ok, yeah that's enough to compare them to say, web site templates?

What are three things that websites have in common to each other? Each website has a URL or specific link such as ours and the other two things would be content and of course colors, photos etc.. like even buttons. So, you get the point. We're talking about 3 things.

Let's say these donuts are on your desk right now. Which one would you select to try out first? Cause, you know you want one! Myself, I'm thinking the cherry flavored colored one. So, how can it help in selecting what templates to use when searching on our website. Well, keep in mind. Each of the donuts is a tad different then the other. Even though the box contains 12 donuts.. they were not all created the same way.

Templates for example are created to work with certain cms software, online stores, blogs, wordpress and many others. So it's important to keep in mind what "type" of template your seeking or previewing. Cause unlike the donuts, you don't mind eating one you don't really care for ya know! If your not sure of what type of template to select for your project.. request our free consulting service to assist you in selecting your donuts.. err, template.

By the way, did you know our services are 24/7 all across the globe? You can actually talk to someone about your project right now! Visit our website at and you'll find our Toll Free Number, Live Chat or if you like comment right here on our blog. Rather email us? Ok, sure just click on the Contact Us below and we'll contact you right back within moments. We don't use auto replies and if you call and go to voice mail. Please leave a message with your name, website and phone number or just your email address.

Now.. go get you some donuts :)
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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Photo By Scott "Snerdey" Lawrence 2011

While driving along the Texas Coastline within the South Padre Island, TX beaches. I stumbled across this amazingly simple yet elegant setup for a wedding. There was nobody home. Seams the party was earlier in the day as it was about 2pm in the afternoon. Kinda hot ya know! So, one would wonder if this was really a real wedding?

When you visit the island there are 6 access points to the coast. The last 3 are via your vehicle.. yes, you can actually drive up the coastline about 25 miles or so. This setup was about 2 miles away from the main population of most people on vacation etc.. Actually, there was nothing to the right or left as far as the eye could see. Behind me in the photo is the Gulf Coast.

Interesting.. do you see anything in the photo that's missing?
Do you see what I don't see?

Have A Happy Life Everyone :)
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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Target, Target, Target!

Targets are everywhere in our lives. Take the game darts for example. Players associate the bullseye with success while playing darts. Close is good but it's never good enough. Those that want to hit the bull have to practice and I mean a lot! If you've ever thrown a dart, bowling ball, piece of trash even. You've aimed to the best of your abilities to hit the target. With darts the bullseye is not always the main target.

For example:

In the game Cricket. There are normally two players trying to make certain numbers on the board 3 times each. Each player has three darts. To start the game, they both take a turn throwing one dart to see who's closest to the bullseye. The one that's closest gets to go first. In this game the goal is.. make 3 of the following numbers.. 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15 and of course 3 of the bullseyes. All in that order, so one would start with the 20 first.

The outer ring is double the number and the inner ring is triple the number. First player hits a double 20 and a single 17. Only the 2 twenties would be scored and the 17 ignored. Must make each of the numbers in order.

To learn all the rules and options on playing Cricket please check out the following websites.

Wiki - Learn All About Playing Cricket
Flyordi - Play Darts Online
Youtube - Watch Someone Play Darts
Academy - Buy Darts

What does playing darts have to do with web design templates? Well, besides featuring the Flash CMS Template Software # 26171 is on sale at 10% Off on our website Snerdey everyday. There's something one should keep in mind when it comes to designing a website. Create your game, rules and the scope of the game such as what's allowed what's not. If you don't stay on target when creating your website.. you might as well be playing darts without numbers on the board.

Is your website on target?
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Monday, August 8, 2011

What Time Is It?

Online Store CMS Template | # 35166 | Details | More | Reg $235 | Buy Now $216

Admin Demo
Front End Demo

Online Store
This demo is setup as a Watch Store but it can be whatever product or services you're business website is setup to offer. Simple change of photos, logo and company name. Each time an item is added to cart, it's placed into the shopping cart located on the top right of the website. Items can be removed, updated simply by clicking on the cart to display the items to be purchased. Paypal is the most popular choice used for online stores managed by do it yourself website owners, unique products, services. We've been using Paypal since day one of our website.

Adding Products
When each product is added to the website. There's a quick and easy menu that shows up on the right of the editing area. You can label the item code, price, brand, model, title, short description, description,  thumbnail image, preview image, link opens - popup, page,other url (other checkout link) or affiliate link, follow or no follow. All of this mind you.. in Flash! 

Notice on the lower right side of the image above. You'll see text "Full Screen" and the icon for the effect to take place. Just click on the icon and the entire website will fill your computer screen. Press "esc" on your keyboard to return to normal view or click the icon again.

Minimal design, huge impact with little or no distraction. This is for your business to display your products and information. The entire website is designed to present not only your product but your company as well with a real sense of professional and top expectations from the get go!

Custom Web Design
What we offer here at is a full service web design. Including template editing, custom websites from scratch as well as domain names, hosting and website maintenance agreements. We have a vast pool of collective minds to help put your project together.

Template Editing
Don't want to take the time to do all the work? Need some modifications or just want someone to install the template for you. Sure, we're more than happy to provide you with a free quote to help get your project up and going. Some even prefer to complete their website projects in stages. That's fine too!

Happy Editing!