Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Target, Target, Target!

Targets are everywhere in our lives. Take the game darts for example. Players associate the bullseye with success while playing darts. Close is good but it's never good enough. Those that want to hit the bull have to practice and I mean a lot! If you've ever thrown a dart, bowling ball, piece of trash even. You've aimed to the best of your abilities to hit the target. With darts the bullseye is not always the main target.

For example:

In the game Cricket. There are normally two players trying to make certain numbers on the board 3 times each. Each player has three darts. To start the game, they both take a turn throwing one dart to see who's closest to the bullseye. The one that's closest gets to go first. In this game the goal is.. make 3 of the following numbers.. 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15 and of course 3 of the bullseyes. All in that order, so one would start with the 20 first.

The outer ring is double the number and the inner ring is triple the number. First player hits a double 20 and a single 17. Only the 2 twenties would be scored and the 17 ignored. Must make each of the numbers in order.

To learn all the rules and options on playing Cricket please check out the following websites.

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What does playing darts have to do with web design templates? Well, besides featuring the Flash CMS Template Software # 26171 is on sale at 10% Off on our website Snerdey everyday. There's something one should keep in mind when it comes to designing a website. Create your game, rules and the scope of the game such as what's allowed what's not. If you don't stay on target when creating your website.. you might as well be playing darts without numbers on the board.

Is your website on target?

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