Monday, August 8, 2011

What Time Is It?

Online Store CMS Template | # 35166 | Details | More | Reg $235 | Buy Now $216

Admin Demo
Front End Demo

Online Store
This demo is setup as a Watch Store but it can be whatever product or services you're business website is setup to offer. Simple change of photos, logo and company name. Each time an item is added to cart, it's placed into the shopping cart located on the top right of the website. Items can be removed, updated simply by clicking on the cart to display the items to be purchased. Paypal is the most popular choice used for online stores managed by do it yourself website owners, unique products, services. We've been using Paypal since day one of our website.

Adding Products
When each product is added to the website. There's a quick and easy menu that shows up on the right of the editing area. You can label the item code, price, brand, model, title, short description, description,  thumbnail image, preview image, link opens - popup, page,other url (other checkout link) or affiliate link, follow or no follow. All of this mind you.. in Flash! 

Notice on the lower right side of the image above. You'll see text "Full Screen" and the icon for the effect to take place. Just click on the icon and the entire website will fill your computer screen. Press "esc" on your keyboard to return to normal view or click the icon again.

Minimal design, huge impact with little or no distraction. This is for your business to display your products and information. The entire website is designed to present not only your product but your company as well with a real sense of professional and top expectations from the get go!

Custom Web Design
What we offer here at is a full service web design. Including template editing, custom websites from scratch as well as domain names, hosting and website maintenance agreements. We have a vast pool of collective minds to help put your project together.

Template Editing
Don't want to take the time to do all the work? Need some modifications or just want someone to install the template for you. Sure, we're more than happy to provide you with a free quote to help get your project up and going. Some even prefer to complete their website projects in stages. That's fine too!

Happy Editing!

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