Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wed Designers Bundle Deal

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Happy Holidays Everyone and have a Great New Year!

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Monday, December 26, 2011

So Many Choices

Are You A Webmaster?
When it comes to web design and getting started with your new website. You have so many choices to choose it can get rather confusing! Figuring out how the website looks, how to edit the website and even the hosting options. Well, today I want to share some ideas, suggestions and some real choices that I've had to make over the past 10 years or so of my experience in web design.

You really do get what you pay for and there's nothing really wrong with those free options you see for websites all over the internet but is that really what's best for your business? I'm totally blown away when a potential new client contacts me to check out their existing website they created themselves years ago with concerns as to why it's not working for them. When I first visit the site my mind has to go back many years in editing styles and it actually hurts my brain to know that I've got to give them the news as to my suggestion.

Many times over I've said "just wipe the slate clean" and they are in total shock! Not as much shock as me when I learn that they have an office, employees, fast computers, desk, nice cars and many tools or equipment to run their businesses. So why the "free website", "free hosting" etc.. is that what you think of the internet is totally free advertising and marketing?

Time = Money (Right?)
Ok let's think about this for a moment. How many hours if not days, weeks or even months did such company, business owner, marketing department etc.. put into making the "free website" saving the company anywhere from $350 - lord know how much these days! One has to now think.. how many "man hours" was put into that website I was just asked to review? I'm floored to hear about a couple of weeks with most of the time spent learning how to use the free online tools or free website software.

What's the point?
Well, if I have to tell you maybe you should not contact me to make your website. Cause, this is Business 101. Spend your time selling not wasting what you've earned or time spending doing something that someone like myself can do in a matter of hours rather than days etc.. I'm not referring to everyone just those who have budgets and feel it's more important for their business to spend more on office decorations rather than a professional website :)

Still wanna do it yourself?
Ok, well I have some great suggestions and lot's of great video tutorials to help you learn how to edit your website. By the way... just for purchasing one of the Website Templates we offer we'll give you 1 Free Year of Hosting and even 1 Free Year Domain Name :)

How Much?
You can select anyone of these Flash CMS Website Templates (with built in SEO) so flash is not bad for those who think it is. This is a great way to have a professional website that looks like a $5,000 website. Well, that's because they are if you hired us to make one from scratch and provide you with all the options, animations, controls, forms etc.. actually they are $8,500 and up but this post is not about me selling you a custom website. It's how to do it yourself and save time and money buy choosing one of the pre-designed website templates powered by MotoCMS.

Use this Promo Code taqsmkv1qrkljlcfxb5r at checkout to Save 10% (average $40 savings) if you choose one of the Flash CMS Templates we currently offer! By the way.. our website already offer's all of TemplateMonsters Templates at 10% off so you don't even have to use the promo code. But, if you prefer to visit TM directly for checkout - it's the same and just enter the promo to save 10% off ANY Template!

This promo code is good till January 15, 2012 and only for the 1st 999 buyers!

Happy Holiday's and here's to a Great New Year!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Broken Pencils

Broken Pencils = Broken Hearts?
It's not everyday you hear a true story like this one. I've met a wonderful new friend and her son is 8 years old. Nothing too unusual about meeting someone. But, when you get to know them and learn about the past or even current experiences one just has to wonder how it all is so different for everyone even if we all live in the same city, apartment building .. it just does not matter. Life is not the same for two people.. not even twins.

For those of us already out of school, especially elementary this story should indeed tickle your memory of puppy love and the like. So here we go!

Flash back into your days in elementary school classes and that one girl or boy that caught your eye. Well, this is the classic case in which someone has taken a liking to you or him shall we say in this case. Your sitting there daydreaming and thinking about the playground when all the sudden a little note is handed to you. You instantly look at the one handing it to you to see if it's from them or who passed it. Just a quick scan around the room and you know by the glowing smiles.

Now you secretly open the note only to see a couple of small hearts and simple words.. "I like You" do you like me" Circle YES or NO

WOW, just writing this makes me think of so many things in my own past but this story is not about my past. So, the young man placed his circle on the reply that suited him. Passed it back and quickly the smiles went to angry face. You might as well thrown a bucket of mud on her dress cause man that did not go over too well.

During the morning break all the kids went outside for morning recess. He returns to his desk only to find he now has a broken pencil. This was just a couple of weeks ago and to this day he's had many broken pencils... puppy love is so blind. They are not allowed to carry pencils on playground. Many times he's tried to hide it and she just waits for the right moment and then "snap" it's done!

Now for a little neat ending... well, not the pencil breaking that's still going on but last night we all went to dinner and a new girl approached the young lad asking to dance. He was glowing and had a blast. Wonder if the other girl would go to this new girls school to break her pencils?

How in the heck does this story relate to web design... it does not :)

But, if you're seeking a website template I highly recommend you give our site a visit and tell your friends.

Happy Holidays!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Spooky Website Templates

Some scary thoughts come to mind when it's time to start up a new website or take over one from others who exited the department etc... In these types of cases many sites are just abandoned all together like the haunted house down the street no one wants to visit! Thus causing owners/investors to spend more on web sites.

You know what I'm talking about.. wanna know what's behind the door but never know what you're going to see? Mostly just those ghostly 404 error codes or misplaced pages not to mention the infamous 301 redirect critters that control what you see as your rerouted to other options, folders or even download request.

That last sentence was too spooky to go back and edit so I'll just leave it alone!

Dare if you will and search the sale:

10% Discount on all Halloween Template Monster Templates.. all the other templates too but we're just talking about the scary ones. But, if you need a Santa Claus or any Holiday Website Template I'm sure you can find one you like. If not, keep in mind you can always have the images changed, colors and even custom spooky web effects. Contact us on the Creepy Webmaster Email and some Human Monster will be happy to return your soul I mean reply to your email ;)

Does not matter if you need flash, flash cms, php even a business or personal photo gallery. We're here to help you stay "save" in the world of web design services! On the way out.. check out the online store templates.

Have a safe and happy Holiday Season!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Stretched Flash CMS Template

This design was created to stretch to full width of visitors monitors. The navigation menu provides an easy to read and uncluttered layout providing a quick way to view your website content. I really like the one page effect even though it still shows a unique page url for each page selected. That's one of the cool things about a Flash CMS Templates. The pages have their own page names for SEO functions. Unlike standard Flash Sites which have one page, one file and little or no SEO.

If you have not tried Flash CMS and you're seeking to impress visitors with your services, display artworks, photos then this design is one to keep in mind. Sure, it's designed for a web designer service but that's the beauty of these types of templates. Easily adaptable to work with just about any service that needs to show samples of their work on the web. Change the logo, company name, images and now you have a website designed to fit your niche of the internet.

So go ahead.. take it for a test spin!

Contact us for a free consultation, quote if your not sure what options you have for your website project. We'd be happy to provide you with information that can help you make the best decision when is comes to creating a website that you can be proud to showcase!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Flash CMS Automotive Website

Flash CMS Website Template - Powered by MotoCMS | Live Demo

This design is all about the automotive dealer or auto review type websites. It's a fancy way to show off new car features with some slick pencil animation between pages. That's the screen shot above of the animation that shows once you click to different pages of the website. I actually like it best myself but this is not about what I like, it's about what works and this site works for me and I'm sure other visitors will agree!

Each photo of the car now has specific sections with their own photo, details. Making it a more personal option to really show off the automobile in a new way.

Contact us for any assistance in setting up your website. We'll even give you a free quote. No, it does not have to be a car website.. we can handle just about anything you throw at us!

Go ahead.. give it a test drive :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

When Gas Was 13.6 Cents

While visiting my best friends mothers house, out in the country about 20 miles from Austin, Texas. As we got closer I knew this was going to be a step back in time.  Once we started to pull into the long rock covered driveway. It was like nothing changed from their childhood days. I use that term loosely cause it was a time of innocence, family and friends. Yes, wars were going on. Battles over this and that. But, back home everyone did their best to continue life in the best way possible. Happy with what they have as well as grateful, blessed .. I could go on forever cause back thing they must have thought it was going to go on forever.

Even during the great depression, people tried to live a normal life as possible. Eat, Sleep and yes.. work hard. I mean, work hard! If you were to compare what's in the bedroom, school locker, pockets and even in the hair of one 16 year old male of 1945 and one 16 year old male of 2011. You'd find more than 100 differences.. eh?

So let's see if I can remember when I was 16?

I'm 46 now, so that would be 30 years ago. Hmm, gas was about $1.35 per gallon. I had one of those Texas Hardship Drivers Licenses cause you only needed a part-time job and come from divorce family etc.. I was extremely lucky enough to have an International Scout II - all mine! Our dad provided the 1st ride for each of the 4 siblings with me being the youngest by 8 years.. yea, I was not supposed to happen! (wicked evil laugh)!!

Even 10 years after their divorce, without asking or ever talking about it. I was flown up to Tenn where he worked. Sitting there in the airport parking lot was the gift he said he wanted to give me. My mom and I drove it back.. wow! That was an amazing vacation :) Dad got the vehicle from one of those city auctions for impounded cars, drug bust etc.. for $800 bucks. Wish I still had that Scout, it's worth $15k now. Holy Crud Batcat!!! I know this because the receipt and all the paperwork was in the glove box.

All of this got me started working harder mowing yards in the neighborhood. I had pay for the gas to get to all the parties. I mean, gigs no wait.. ahh, sleep overs.. no, drat! Bonfires, camp outs and cook outs on the lake! Yep, that's it!

During the summer of 1981, still 16 year old teenager mind you. I was working at Wendy's - actually, McDonald's was my 1st job. I truly approached each of my ventures.. jobs.. as careers. Thank you for the lessons in life people :) Back then kids were just focused on themselves.. yeah, not much has changed.. lol.

I must have tired 30 jobs over the years. Landed some amazing careers along the way.. IBM, AT&T as well as SWB could not keep up with my multitasking mind. I actually got bored often till a buddy told me his place of employment was hiring. Big shout out to Steve Case for the career at AOL before 9-11. I finally decided to venture off on my own with Snerdey in 2004 :)

History of Gas Prices
Today Aug 2011, gas is: $3.54 per gallon.
Unfortunately, there is little to no solid data on gas prices before the 1950's, and so we'll begin our journey through the history of gas prices here. In 1950, gasoline cost about 26.8 cents per gallon. Gas rose about a cent or so per year until 1957 where gas was in its most remarkable period. From 1957 to 1969, prices at the pump only went up a total of 3.8 cents from 31 cents per gallon to 34.8 cents per gallon! Visit the History Of Gasoline. -

How much was gas per gallon back when you were 16?
What were you driving, if any or carpooling, horse buggy.. walking?
Tell us about your 1st job! Come on, don't be shy :)
How much is gas currently in your home town?

Wanna help me buy more gas.. err, wait I don't own a vehicle!
Visit my website and purchase a website template to help pay for taxi fairs :)

Most of all.. have fun.. no matter what!
Snerdey :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

They're Just Donuts!

Today we're going to learn a little more about how donuts can help you make a decision when selecting how to design your 1st or even you're 12th website!

So how can donuts help you do anything? For starters we're not going to eat these donuts today. Just talk about them so keep your paws off my assorted box of donuts :) So let's check out a couple of things these donuts all have in common. They are round in shape, all have a hole of some sort and they are sweet. Ok, yeah that's enough to compare them to say, web site templates?

What are three things that websites have in common to each other? Each website has a URL or specific link such as ours and the other two things would be content and of course colors, photos etc.. like even buttons. So, you get the point. We're talking about 3 things.

Let's say these donuts are on your desk right now. Which one would you select to try out first? Cause, you know you want one! Myself, I'm thinking the cherry flavored colored one. So, how can it help in selecting what templates to use when searching on our website. Well, keep in mind. Each of the donuts is a tad different then the other. Even though the box contains 12 donuts.. they were not all created the same way.

Templates for example are created to work with certain cms software, online stores, blogs, wordpress and many others. So it's important to keep in mind what "type" of template your seeking or previewing. Cause unlike the donuts, you don't mind eating one you don't really care for ya know! If your not sure of what type of template to select for your project.. request our free consulting service to assist you in selecting your donuts.. err, template.

By the way, did you know our services are 24/7 all across the globe? You can actually talk to someone about your project right now! Visit our website at and you'll find our Toll Free Number, Live Chat or if you like comment right here on our blog. Rather email us? Ok, sure just click on the Contact Us below and we'll contact you right back within moments. We don't use auto replies and if you call and go to voice mail. Please leave a message with your name, website and phone number or just your email address.

Now.. go get you some donuts :)
Snerdey (Contact Us)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Photo By Scott "Snerdey" Lawrence 2011

While driving along the Texas Coastline within the South Padre Island, TX beaches. I stumbled across this amazingly simple yet elegant setup for a wedding. There was nobody home. Seams the party was earlier in the day as it was about 2pm in the afternoon. Kinda hot ya know! So, one would wonder if this was really a real wedding?

When you visit the island there are 6 access points to the coast. The last 3 are via your vehicle.. yes, you can actually drive up the coastline about 25 miles or so. This setup was about 2 miles away from the main population of most people on vacation etc.. Actually, there was nothing to the right or left as far as the eye could see. Behind me in the photo is the Gulf Coast.

Interesting.. do you see anything in the photo that's missing?
Do you see what I don't see?

Have A Happy Life Everyone :)
Snerdey offer's website templates to fit just about any occasion! Check out our Wedding Templates.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Target, Target, Target!

Targets are everywhere in our lives. Take the game darts for example. Players associate the bullseye with success while playing darts. Close is good but it's never good enough. Those that want to hit the bull have to practice and I mean a lot! If you've ever thrown a dart, bowling ball, piece of trash even. You've aimed to the best of your abilities to hit the target. With darts the bullseye is not always the main target.

For example:

In the game Cricket. There are normally two players trying to make certain numbers on the board 3 times each. Each player has three darts. To start the game, they both take a turn throwing one dart to see who's closest to the bullseye. The one that's closest gets to go first. In this game the goal is.. make 3 of the following numbers.. 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15 and of course 3 of the bullseyes. All in that order, so one would start with the 20 first.

The outer ring is double the number and the inner ring is triple the number. First player hits a double 20 and a single 17. Only the 2 twenties would be scored and the 17 ignored. Must make each of the numbers in order.

To learn all the rules and options on playing Cricket please check out the following websites.

Wiki - Learn All About Playing Cricket
Flyordi - Play Darts Online
Youtube - Watch Someone Play Darts
Academy - Buy Darts

What does playing darts have to do with web design templates? Well, besides featuring the Flash CMS Template Software # 26171 is on sale at 10% Off on our website Snerdey everyday. There's something one should keep in mind when it comes to designing a website. Create your game, rules and the scope of the game such as what's allowed what's not. If you don't stay on target when creating your website.. you might as well be playing darts without numbers on the board.

Is your website on target?
Contact Us

Monday, August 8, 2011

What Time Is It?

Online Store CMS Template | # 35166 | Details | More | Reg $235 | Buy Now $216

Admin Demo
Front End Demo

Online Store
This demo is setup as a Watch Store but it can be whatever product or services you're business website is setup to offer. Simple change of photos, logo and company name. Each time an item is added to cart, it's placed into the shopping cart located on the top right of the website. Items can be removed, updated simply by clicking on the cart to display the items to be purchased. Paypal is the most popular choice used for online stores managed by do it yourself website owners, unique products, services. We've been using Paypal since day one of our website.

Adding Products
When each product is added to the website. There's a quick and easy menu that shows up on the right of the editing area. You can label the item code, price, brand, model, title, short description, description,  thumbnail image, preview image, link opens - popup, page,other url (other checkout link) or affiliate link, follow or no follow. All of this mind you.. in Flash! 

Notice on the lower right side of the image above. You'll see text "Full Screen" and the icon for the effect to take place. Just click on the icon and the entire website will fill your computer screen. Press "esc" on your keyboard to return to normal view or click the icon again.

Minimal design, huge impact with little or no distraction. This is for your business to display your products and information. The entire website is designed to present not only your product but your company as well with a real sense of professional and top expectations from the get go!

Custom Web Design
What we offer here at is a full service web design. Including template editing, custom websites from scratch as well as domain names, hosting and website maintenance agreements. We have a vast pool of collective minds to help put your project together.

Template Editing
Don't want to take the time to do all the work? Need some modifications or just want someone to install the template for you. Sure, we're more than happy to provide you with a free quote to help get your project up and going. Some even prefer to complete their website projects in stages. That's fine too!

Happy Editing!

Friday, July 29, 2011

All Aboard The USS Powerpoint

Microsoft PowerPoint Template | # 34132 | Demo | More | Reg $40 | Buy Now $36

Ahoy There!
Welcome aboard the USS PowerPoint :)

Getting everyone on the same page is about the same thing as getting everyone aboard this ship! Looking at the photo from this perspective kinda puts a little more meaning to the idea of getting on the same page page and staying on that page till the next port. You know, the end of the project etc..

Take the ship here in the photo.. that's the company. There's a wheel house, now that's where the big cheese or boss stays put to control the business. Of course, there are those containers, they are not permanent as they switch off at different ports. Kinda like clients if you will. Actually, they are clients that purchased space on the ship.. so, yeah, that fits this subject.

What's the point of today's blog post? Well, this is how we announce new PowerPoint Presentation Templates added to our website search. This design is based on a Marketing Presentation as the wording can all be changed to match your presentation. You'll need to have access to Microsoft Powerpoint Software. Learn all about working with PowerPoint Templates and here are some more helpful Free PowerPoint Tutorials you can reference upon anytime you like!

Browse more PowerPoint Templates on our website

By the way, here's a link to learn all about USS Ship Names.

Happy Sailing :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gone Fishing!

Sports Magento Template | # 34132 | Demo | More | Reg $235 | Buy Now $212
Click the image above or click view live demo to see this design in action.

Do you have to be a fisherman to design a website for a fishing supply company? No, but I'm sure it would make the customer feel more comfortable that you have a true understanding of their business. A little preparing for an online meeting, in person or even over the phone can go a long way!

Magento Commerce Software
This template is designed for websites powered by Magneto Commerce. Currently designed for a fishing website but that does not mean it's only for fishing type websites. With a few simple changes of the logo, company name and photos. The website can be just about any type of online presence you or your client require. Feel free to search from more Magneto Templates.

How to use the Magento Template
Visit the Oline Help Section. The help section covers what all is required to setup the website, admin section and pretty much everything you need to have an online store up and running in no time!

Still Have Questions
If you're just getting started, seeking to hire a web designer to help bring your idea to life but still have some unanswered questions on getting everything lined up. Contact us here at Snerdey Web Designs we'd be happy to provide you with regarding your project scope and what it will take to get it going budget wise. while we're wearing our fishing hats of course or is your website about Golf, Banking, Restaurant or even some other business? It's important that we put on the same thinking caps as you wear so everyone's on the same playing field... both boats catch more "fish" in their nets!

Happy Fishing!

Monday, July 25, 2011

CMS - It's In Your Hands

Business CMS Template | # 34792 | Details | More | Reg $235 | Buy Now $212

You know there's a lot to owning or maintaining a website. Some websites are maintained by a huge amount of highly trained professionals. They all work together keeping the corporate business website online and up to date. That can be rather costly! To us it does not really matter how deep your pockets are. Our goal is to make sure the product you purchase from us works as displayed and at a fair price.

With that said we also offer custom template editing, custom web designs .. even from scratch. To begin with we both need to be on the same playing field. For example: This template number 34792 is on sale for $212 US Dollars. This is for the "do it yourself" website owner, webmasters and even other web design companies to purchase and edit as they need to fit their website project.

If your not sure what type of website is best for your project, please feel free to contact us for a free consultation and quote. We'll do our best to help you have more than one option for your design. Templates work as shown, meaning what you see it doing when you click on buttons, change pages .. all that animation is how the template was designed to present the owners information or details.

Each of the Flash CMS Templates offer a Control Panel Demo that you can visit to in order to test out the online tools. No need to have expensive software in order to design a website. All the tools you need to change the website logo, images and page content is all there for you!

It's in your hands... or is it?
Snerdey ;) 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Eat My Website!

That's exactly what you want to happen to your website, you want it eaten up! Search engines send out little programs called bots. These bots go all over the web checking for new, fresh content on websites, blogs etc.. So it's important that your website is worthy of being gobbled up.

Take this sandwich please! Yes, you can have it and do what you want with it. Cause, that is what's going to happen to your website. If you don't create a website with unique content, fresh as in today's date or that freshly cooked bacon. You're sandwich, I mean your website will be eaten but it's how much of it they left on the plate that matters. Not to mention did they keep it down, or index your website properly.

There are a lot of things missing in my sandwich such as menu, how to eat, what other options you can have. But, is that really the point of my post today? No, it's stay focused when creating your website. The website templates you see on Snerdey were created by a team of professionals. Writers, Animators, Coders, Database Gurus, Director and don't forget the Music Department nor the Models. Everything you see took a team of about 7 people to create the website theme or template.

There's no need to go learn how to bake bread, create your own mayo or even raise pigs just so you can go make a sandwich that does not get the blue ribbon. That's like reinventing the wheel just to save a few bucks. Not everyone can make a great sandwich that everyone loves to eat. Many are just as happy with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. That's fine too, so don't expect your website to appeal to everyone's appetite. Just because you like your website does not mean it's right for the web or your niche.

You don't create a real deli shop to sell sandwiches to yourself.. so, don't have tunnel vision when it comes to your website design. There's such a thing as too much and too little. Think about the last time you purchased a sandwich and thought "I could have made one better" and saved myself a few bucks. That's what templates do for you, they save you time and money!

If you're new to the world of web design, welcome. We're happy to assist you in selecting a website template(s) that fits your project. We also offer affordable template editing as well as custom web designs from scratch.

I'm hungry all the sudden!
Snerdey (Contact Us)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Photograpy Flash CSM Website

Photography CMS Template | # 34690 | Details | More | Reg $230 | Buy Now $207

There are many Flash CMS Templates to choose from but this one really sets the tone with huge images, easy menu / site navigation for website visitors. The admin control panel demo has been activated for your review so you can check out just how easy this website is to edit.

All of the Flash CMS Templates have the ability to go full screen on the visitors computer monitor. This is a real plus for viewing your photos. There is built in music which can be changed or removed with just a couple of clicks. Images are drag and drop, the entire website editing area is WYSIWYG or "What You See Is What You Get" type of website design making it easy to create your website.

No special software required to use the template as is, no database for hackers to attack, easy backups - just copy the XML file the site is creating as it grows. The template comes with all the files it took to design the template so if you're a flash editor you'll be able to modify what you want. If your not a flash designer, it's ok .. you don't have to be one to use this website.

If you like the design and have no desire or time to create the website on your own. We're happy to assist and I'm sure you'll find our services affordable and we're happy to provide you a free quote.

Technical Specifications.

For uncompressing a template ZIP package:
WinZip 9+ (Windows);
Stuffit Expander 10+ (Mac);

Product Description:
Flash CMS Template is a full-fledged Flash website with Moto Flash content management system integrated for easy website editing and content updating. Each design element can be easily customized according to your project needs. The price mentioned here includes the Moto CMS license in addition to the price of a template and its source files. Note: Extra sources for developers (PSD & FLA) are included. 

For developers to edit source files:
Adobe Photoshop CS or higher;
Adobe Flash CS3 or higher; 

Hosting Requirements:
PHP v. 5.2.1 or higher;
Zend Optimizer v3.3 or higher. 

Happy Flash CMS Editing!
Snerdey (Contact Me)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Powerpoint Templates

Powerpoint Template | # 34786 | Details Page |View More | Reg Price $40 | Buy Now $36

Today we're all about the power of Powerpoint Templates. They are all on sale at 10% off! These templates are compatible with all versions of Microsoft PowerPoint ver. 2003 or ver. 2007 as well as online presentation applications (e.g. GoogleDocs Presentations).

No need to spend hours or days creating a cool design for your presentation it. It's all about the content of the presentation anyway. Using a Powerpoint Template saves you time and we make it easy to for you to test out the designs before you purchase.

Powerpoint 2007 (recommended) or Powerpoint 2003;
For uncompressing a template ZIP package:
WinZip 9+ (Windows);
Stuffit Expander 10+ (Mac);
We accept Google Checkout, Paypal and all Major Credit Cards.

Any questions, just let us know :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Stretched Flash CSM Template

Now we're talking stretched websites! When this design was created it took some real thinking power to bring it to life sorta speak. The website includes an amazing way of working with images that change on the home page. You'll just have to see it for yourself to believe what your eyes will see once you give this design a try!

Flash CMS websites are not like regular flash sites. These designs are powered with MotoCSM and provide separate pages so each web page can have it's own title, keywords and even better no special software required.

Editing the website is easy and you can also log into the website from any computer connected to the internet so you're able to edit the website on the go, wherever you go!

If you have any questions or new to Flash CSM just let us know here or contact us directly via one of our contact methods below:

Toll Free
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Happy Editing!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Happy 7th Anniversary Snerdey

Happy Anniversary Snerdey - 7 Years of Customer Service!!!!!!!

Like coffee? Wanna celebrate with us? We've got a deal for you.

We'd be happy to send you one of our Snerdey Coffee Cups for FREE with any template purchased on our website over $100.00 US. This offer is good for the month of June 2011 and for USA Res
idents Only. Once purchased just forward your proof of purchase email to be sure and include your complete USA shipping address. Offer only valid to purchases from June 8, 2011 to June 30, 2011. One Snerdey Coffee Cup per valid order.


Visit this link and order one of our Coffee Cups to help support our coffee fund :)

PS - is always has a 10% discount on all templatemonster templates. So, for those who's totals are $90 and over will also get a cup! Per valid order. 

Thank you for your support!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Photography Websites

There are a few types of websites that come to mind when it comes to a photographers website. So to help those who are new to the business or just now seeking to place their photos online. I've put together a collection of ideas, suggestions and of course your comments are indeed welcomed.

The first type of photographers website that comes to mind is the most common. One that is designed as a personal photo album. Just out to share their photos with the world without any control of who's using the photos and just basically taking photos as a hobby. Here are a few designs that are perfect for a Personal Photography Website.

Many photographers have turned their passion into their career. So their websites are more a showcase of past photo gigs with separate albums to display weddings, parties and the like. It's a good idea to add a few basic pages such as About Us, Our Services and Contact Us but it's also good to have a blog section for the daily, weekly thoughts and just random photos for visitors to get a feel for the people behind the camera. It's one thing to say you're a Professional Photographer but it's an entirely different thing to prove it! I'd highly consider adding a Client Testimonial section as well. Why a blog? If the website is only photos and contact me then there's nothing for search engines to index your website with.

What about those that are looking to sell their photos? Many do so there are some designs just for that purpose. You can have watermarks and control the use as best as possible. But there's no real way for one to protect what people do with your photo once it's purchased. Unless you have an army of lawyers. So, for those who just would like give it a go here are some Online Store Websites designed to sell photos.. some might also be designed to sell cameras and equipment but you'll get the idea.

In closing...
Hope this helps with making your decision on what type of website design is best suited for your project or business. If you need any assistance or consulting just let me know .. I'd be happy to assist you in creating your website just for you.

Happy Photo Taking!
Snerdey :)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Magento Themes and jQuery Features

View More Magento Themes

If you're an eCommerce website owner or about to start a online store project. Make sure you give your website a high-end look and feel. Consider what software you're using for the website to display your products to your visitors. The more professional and easy the site is to navigate and checkout will turn those visitors into buyers!

New eCommerce projects keep emerging all over the web at the speed of sound. So, if you are going to start a new online store you should check out the Magento themes. Of course you have heard about jQuery plugins and now you can get a Magento template with some useful plugin.

Sliders are the most popular and useful plugin that can be used at the online stores. These great tools enhance your website navigation and make your products catalog more accessible. Also you can often meet such interesting jQuery solutions implemented in the themes as accordions. Fantastic navigation solutions for the websites main navigation. The slideshows help to concentrate the visitors attention towards featured products and special offers and or sales. The animated effects bring more interactivity and keep the visitors interested in seeing what else your online business has to offer them.

I've seen all kinds of neat banners, clever advertising campaigns that promote a website. We've all seen those really cool banners, buttons as well as text links to promote an online store. Even radio stations, TV ad's as well as fliers in the mail. They were good enough to get me to remember the domain name to check it out. To my surprise I land on websites that do not match the artwork on the banners and hype.

It's puzzling to me as to why so much effort is put in to marketing a website only to hear "I have tons of visitors, thousands of uniques and low sales". It's time to shut off those expensive ad's and take a step back to look at your website from a different view... the buyers view.

Too many times I've actually turned down projects for clients as they want it the way they "personally like" the website to look. Such as their favorite color, styles or to look like some other competitors website. All of which do not match the theme of the product or services etc..

With a Magento website you can purchase a theme to give the site the professional look and feel that buyers are comfortable with. And by all means get yourself an SSL for the checkout. Make sure your checkout process is not incombersom with way too many steps just to sign up.

Browse all Magento Themes.

Any questions please feel free to contact us anytime as we service the Globe 24 hours a day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's of the world and to all the new upcoming moms too :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Full Screen Websites

Flash CMS # 33605 | Buyout Price $8,500 | Normal Price $240 | On Sale $216 | Buy Now

 Online Admin Demo of this design.

A brand new Flash CMS Template has just been released and ready for your business website! This is a clean and simple website layout. There's music but as always that can be removed or changed to one of your own tracks.

While previewing the website design you can activate the "Full Screen" by clicking the icon in the footer of the website. It's a square with an arrow within the icon. Once full screen, just click your Esc button on the keyboard to return to normal view.

This design features an image of a woman next to a globe which of course you can change with your own images. The menu at the top opens pages that cover the main image with a cool animation effect. The menu supports sub menus as shown in the Services tab.

Snerdey offer's a 10% TemplateMonster Discount.

Any questions just let us know :)

Thank you,

Monday, March 28, 2011

Throw Your Facebook - Into The Future

Take your Facebook account and bring it to a whole new level of interaction. You can now add a website to your home page. The site will operate within the red lines shown above in the image. You can also view a live demo of the Facebook CMS Template. There are many others to choose from including our 10% Template Monster Discount - No promo codes required at Snerdey to get the discounts - all prices are already showing at the discounted price.

Even better.. when they are viewing your page. There's an option for them to click on "Full Screen" which will make the screen entirely your website section. Amazing interactions, online stores.. videos, images.. the possibilities are priceless ;)

Snerdey also offers custom designs just for your corporation or business image. Contact us today for a free quote. Our designers have been editing MotoCMS since the beta days. Our prices can't be beat for the level of service before and after the sale. Contact us anytime via our toll free number at 877-619-6609. Snerdey provides world wide sales support via our Online Chat 24 hours a day.

Thousands of satisfied clients since 2004 :)
Any questions? .. let me know directly.

Thank you,
contact me now.

Friday, February 25, 2011

New Flash CMS Template - Wedding Album

TemplateMonster has added a new FlashCMS Template to the collection. This is a perfect gift for the new wed couple or great portfolio for a wedding photographer. Actually, with just a few minor changes such as photos, text and sounds this can be whatever kind of website you need it to be. Of course you don't have to choose this one as there are many others to choose from. Search more FlashCMS Templates.

Flash CMS # 32804 | Buyout Price $8,500 | Normal Price $220On Sale $198Buy Now

 Online Admin Demo of this design.

Template   Info :
Item number : 32804 
Author: Mercury
Downloads : 0
Sources Available:

For uncompressing a template ZIP package:
WinZip 9+ (Windows);
Stuffit Expander 10+ (Mac);

Product Description:
Flash CMS Template is a full-fledged Flash website with Moto Flash content management system integrated for easy website editing and content updating. Each design element can be easily customized according to your project needs. The price mentioned here includes the Moto CMS license in addition to the price of a template and its source files. Note: Extra sources for developers (PSD & FLA) are included. 

For developers to edit source files:
Adobe Photoshop CS or higher;
Adobe Flash CS3 or higher; 

Hosting Requirements:
PHP v. 5.2.1 or higher;
Zend Optimizer v3.3 or higher. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
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Thank you,