Friday, December 16, 2011

Broken Pencils

Broken Pencils = Broken Hearts?
It's not everyday you hear a true story like this one. I've met a wonderful new friend and her son is 8 years old. Nothing too unusual about meeting someone. But, when you get to know them and learn about the past or even current experiences one just has to wonder how it all is so different for everyone even if we all live in the same city, apartment building .. it just does not matter. Life is not the same for two people.. not even twins.

For those of us already out of school, especially elementary this story should indeed tickle your memory of puppy love and the like. So here we go!

Flash back into your days in elementary school classes and that one girl or boy that caught your eye. Well, this is the classic case in which someone has taken a liking to you or him shall we say in this case. Your sitting there daydreaming and thinking about the playground when all the sudden a little note is handed to you. You instantly look at the one handing it to you to see if it's from them or who passed it. Just a quick scan around the room and you know by the glowing smiles.

Now you secretly open the note only to see a couple of small hearts and simple words.. "I like You" do you like me" Circle YES or NO

WOW, just writing this makes me think of so many things in my own past but this story is not about my past. So, the young man placed his circle on the reply that suited him. Passed it back and quickly the smiles went to angry face. You might as well thrown a bucket of mud on her dress cause man that did not go over too well.

During the morning break all the kids went outside for morning recess. He returns to his desk only to find he now has a broken pencil. This was just a couple of weeks ago and to this day he's had many broken pencils... puppy love is so blind. They are not allowed to carry pencils on playground. Many times he's tried to hide it and she just waits for the right moment and then "snap" it's done!

Now for a little neat ending... well, not the pencil breaking that's still going on but last night we all went to dinner and a new girl approached the young lad asking to dance. He was glowing and had a blast. Wonder if the other girl would go to this new girls school to break her pencils?

How in the heck does this story relate to web design... it does not :)

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Happy Holidays!

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  1. That was so cute. You should share more of these stories.
    True, it had nothing to do with Web Design but it did remind me of my elementary school days and wondering what type of Valentine, if any, I might get at the classroom Valentine's party from the boy I had a crush on. I just liked seeing my name in his handwriting on the little envelope !