Monday, December 26, 2011

So Many Choices

Are You A Webmaster?
When it comes to web design and getting started with your new website. You have so many choices to choose it can get rather confusing! Figuring out how the website looks, how to edit the website and even the hosting options. Well, today I want to share some ideas, suggestions and some real choices that I've had to make over the past 10 years or so of my experience in web design.

You really do get what you pay for and there's nothing really wrong with those free options you see for websites all over the internet but is that really what's best for your business? I'm totally blown away when a potential new client contacts me to check out their existing website they created themselves years ago with concerns as to why it's not working for them. When I first visit the site my mind has to go back many years in editing styles and it actually hurts my brain to know that I've got to give them the news as to my suggestion.

Many times over I've said "just wipe the slate clean" and they are in total shock! Not as much shock as me when I learn that they have an office, employees, fast computers, desk, nice cars and many tools or equipment to run their businesses. So why the "free website", "free hosting" etc.. is that what you think of the internet is totally free advertising and marketing?

Time = Money (Right?)
Ok let's think about this for a moment. How many hours if not days, weeks or even months did such company, business owner, marketing department etc.. put into making the "free website" saving the company anywhere from $350 - lord know how much these days! One has to now think.. how many "man hours" was put into that website I was just asked to review? I'm floored to hear about a couple of weeks with most of the time spent learning how to use the free online tools or free website software.

What's the point?
Well, if I have to tell you maybe you should not contact me to make your website. Cause, this is Business 101. Spend your time selling not wasting what you've earned or time spending doing something that someone like myself can do in a matter of hours rather than days etc.. I'm not referring to everyone just those who have budgets and feel it's more important for their business to spend more on office decorations rather than a professional website :)

Still wanna do it yourself?
Ok, well I have some great suggestions and lot's of great video tutorials to help you learn how to edit your website. By the way... just for purchasing one of the Website Templates we offer we'll give you 1 Free Year of Hosting and even 1 Free Year Domain Name :)

How Much?
You can select anyone of these Flash CMS Website Templates (with built in SEO) so flash is not bad for those who think it is. This is a great way to have a professional website that looks like a $5,000 website. Well, that's because they are if you hired us to make one from scratch and provide you with all the options, animations, controls, forms etc.. actually they are $8,500 and up but this post is not about me selling you a custom website. It's how to do it yourself and save time and money buy choosing one of the pre-designed website templates powered by MotoCMS.

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Happy Holiday's and here's to a Great New Year!

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