Sunday, December 6, 2015

404 Error - You found the Magical Pink Unicorn!

404 Error - You found the Magical Pink Unicorn!

Custom 404 Pages

When it comes to 404 error pages, these are vital to any and all websites. Especially what you did with the error's when they come. So many webmasters, newbies mostly.. take the helm and redirect to the home page.

What's a 404 Error Page? Well, when you're searching on the web and see a result you are interested in seeing more about. You click, once there you sometimes are redirected or you see an error page. The error page is mostly due to a deleted page that was indexed by search engines.

So, the reason for my 1 year absence is that I was not actually absent. I have two hands, and lots of projects going at one time. Not complaining, happy to have a waiting list. I'm working on fixing that.

To all you webmasters, business owners. Feel free to comment and post your custom 404 error page. Let's see how different we are, what works and I'm sure some guru's will comment about what we're doing wrong. That's called, corrective feedback.. we love it, so should everyone else.

Here's my favorite custom 404 error page created for the Shop Texas Business Directory

Yes, please.. let us know if you find our pink unicorn ;)

By the way, if your clients or your own business is located in Texas - USA then feel free to add your or their business to the directory. It's only $49 for a one time fee. No subscriptions. See the terms of service so you understand who is not approved. Also, listings must have a physical location or owned and operated in Texas.

We also offer Startup Websites for $450 and up that includes 1 year domain name, hosting and initial website up to 10 pages. It's Wordpress or Prestashop and we'd help you get it all installed. Setup and running. We'll even place a coming soon page on it for you for fee. And, yes even a custom 404 page.

Best to contact us for a free quote as we offer consultations to help you make the best choices possible. We've been doing this since 2004 .. yeah, we're old!

Happy Holidays!