Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Live Chat and Websites ( Free and Paid ) Comparison

We've been using live chat for years and we've tried many over the past. Today we installed a new one that we found just doing a typical search.. of course we only use Google :)

Free Open Source Live Chat Script
This is not your typical "online chat" such as your instant messaging and it's not for every website or hosting servers for that matter. It's a full blown website chat system with operators, admins and comes with all the bells and whistles a live monitoring chat system would have and a WHOLE LOT more!

Trusted website - we've included links to specific sections for you.

Home Page
Informational ScreenShots

Download Options ( Types of setup )

They also offer an installation service but I'll tell you this.. there's more than just installing it and if you're not used to MySQL it's worth having them install it. Our fee to install this for you is one hour $35 labor and includes visual training live via our Online Meeting Software so show you around the admin section as long as you have high speed internet /computer. Installation will also will depend on your host and current hosting options you have.

Provide Support
We've been using this service for many of our clients that needed a more user friendly online builder type modifications to the looks and feel of how the chat works. They offer different payment options and are very nice to work with via online :)

Visit Provide Support via our Partner Link

If you have any questions or need assistance with the actual software we've mentioned today. Please feel free to contact them directly or us as we'd be happy to assist in any way we can.

Happy New Year everyone!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Professional Logo Designs for Business, Corporate

Announcing today, 10-03-2008 we'd like to welcome LogoMaid to our line up of products for our webmaster supply website. This is a unique service that is easy for you to checkout and select custom text, slogan during checkout process without hidden fees.

Search Logos from our dedicate page for the logos.

If you want a truly unique logo designed just let us know :)

Thank you,

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Joomla Templates = CMS and are on Sale 20% Off

CMS = Content Management System or in other words "Do it yourself" website content. You don't have to know more than how to login, add pages & content ( text - photos etc.. ) and click apply. Joomla templates are professionally designed by our supplier TemplateMonster and yes all of our templates are on sale at 20% off everyday.

With the Joomla setup it requires a webmaster to install the software on a hosting server with a database and then import the new template design. What's really cool is you can change the way your website looks just by selecting one of the templates you purchased. So, if you have 4 different templates installed you can change the site looks with the seasons.

Average price is 45 bucks or so and with our 20% off you can save a few bucks =)

Take a look at the selection here:

Good luck and if you have any questions just let us know.


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Free icon set with each purchase in May 08

Wow, these are really cool icons that anyone can use to spice up a website. With each template monster purchase you will now get a FREE ICON SET of 75 icons.

Here's what TemplateMonster's David Braun had to say about it:

"The design style they are made in is very trendy today which is why we are sure that this promo will attract a lot of people. Besides, it's one of our biggest iconsets - it contains 75 icons! In other words this is definitely something that our customers and visitors will love. "

Shop for your website template here on our site and save 20% today!


Thank you for your support!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Vector Graphics by: Go Media

Our partners at Go Media have an ARSENAL of professionally designed weaponry they call it. Well they can call it anything they want as it's one of our most popular items sold on Snerdey.com!

If your new to the design world, you better do your home work cause you could spend a small bundle of cash and not have too.

I've provided an image below that you can click on to learn more about vector graphics designed to work for you!

Here at http://www.snerdey.com/ we are all about web design and website templates. Go Media is a great match for what our clients needs are as most of them are webmasters.

Templates save you time and money and we are all over that!


Sunday, April 6, 2008

Dynamic Flash Gallery Templates

Ok, this takes making a photo gallery to the next level. Our supplier TemplateMonster.com has added a new category of templates that allow you to edit a text file for the content and add photos to the website without having to edit the flash files each time.

Also allows for faster opening flash gallerys!

See for yourself on our dedicate page just for the new Dynamic Flash Gallery Templates.

Remember, you always save at Snerdey.com

Monday, February 25, 2008

Joomla Templates - CMS Made Easier

We've been selling website templates for years and finally we have Joomla Templates to offer our clients a fresh new look for their websites. Joomla is a free open source CMS ( content management system ) allowing web site owners to edit their websites without the need of expensive editing software. Take a look for yourself on our Jooma Page.


Even better.. they are also on sale at our 20% Off All TemplateMonster Templates.

Search Joomla Templates

Thank you so much for doing business with Snerdey.com

Back to work we go!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

osCommerce Webmaster's Guide to Selling Online - Book Review

Someone finally took the time to write a book about osCommerce websites and knocked it out of the park! The publishing company contacted us and asked us if we would like to review the work for them and you know what.. they nailed it! Even a seasoned webmaster can stand to learn a few things from this book!

It's a real book and not some ebook you download. I read it on the plane yesterday and I highlighted tons of stuff for our guys to learn up on. Things we overlooked even, but still the sites work. Just things that made since to me and made me go hmmm.

With over 380 pages and 12 chapters it covers everything anyone would need to know about osCommerce and then some!

It's put together in a way that you can read it for start to finish or select certain areas you want to improve on. I really like the fact that they took the time to put in sample codes as well.

The book was published by Packt out of UK and was written by Vadym Gurevych from the Ukraine. I know there are a lot of people over there that use oscommerce on a daily basis. Mostly designing custom websites for the most part.

Oscommerce is the perfect solution for just about any online store either new or existing. One of the best ideas if you already have some other store site is to install the OSC in a new folder so you can setup everything and then switch it over or redirect, link to whatever. Point is for a few bucks you can give your free oscommerce site a new look using a Oscommerce Template then get the book to totally push the template to work for you to the fullest!

Get your copy of the book right from the source here.

Happy Selling!