Friday, May 6, 2011

Magento Themes and jQuery Features

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If you're an eCommerce website owner or about to start a online store project. Make sure you give your website a high-end look and feel. Consider what software you're using for the website to display your products to your visitors. The more professional and easy the site is to navigate and checkout will turn those visitors into buyers!

New eCommerce projects keep emerging all over the web at the speed of sound. So, if you are going to start a new online store you should check out the Magento themes. Of course you have heard about jQuery plugins and now you can get a Magento template with some useful plugin.

Sliders are the most popular and useful plugin that can be used at the online stores. These great tools enhance your website navigation and make your products catalog more accessible. Also you can often meet such interesting jQuery solutions implemented in the themes as accordions. Fantastic navigation solutions for the websites main navigation. The slideshows help to concentrate the visitors attention towards featured products and special offers and or sales. The animated effects bring more interactivity and keep the visitors interested in seeing what else your online business has to offer them.

I've seen all kinds of neat banners, clever advertising campaigns that promote a website. We've all seen those really cool banners, buttons as well as text links to promote an online store. Even radio stations, TV ad's as well as fliers in the mail. They were good enough to get me to remember the domain name to check it out. To my surprise I land on websites that do not match the artwork on the banners and hype.

It's puzzling to me as to why so much effort is put in to marketing a website only to hear "I have tons of visitors, thousands of uniques and low sales". It's time to shut off those expensive ad's and take a step back to look at your website from a different view... the buyers view.

Too many times I've actually turned down projects for clients as they want it the way they "personally like" the website to look. Such as their favorite color, styles or to look like some other competitors website. All of which do not match the theme of the product or services etc..

With a Magento website you can purchase a theme to give the site the professional look and feel that buyers are comfortable with. And by all means get yourself an SSL for the checkout. Make sure your checkout process is not incombersom with way too many steps just to sign up.

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