Friday, January 16, 2009

Laughingbird Software - Graphic, Logos, Headers and More

Today we're proud to announce that we have partnered with Laughingbird Software to provide our clients and website visitors the easiest, fastest to learn and use graphic software line. For those who want to offer top of the line graphics for business cards, letter heads even web site landing pages there's a software for your application.

Here's a review of each software line offered by Laughingbird Software.

The Web Graphics Creator by Laughingbird Software 

With the Web Graphics Creator you now have the power at your figure tips to impress your clients, friends or even your boss with amazing designs.

With over 200 built in pre-designed options you can create just about anything from one of the templates.

Price = $39.95
Instant Download

The Logo Creator by Laughingbird Software 

This was the original line of software we purchased when I wanted to create our new company logo. We had a great one and did not want to loose it. So, we combined our logo with one of these to make it unique.

What really got our attention was the fact that you can add more logo types to your collection such as sports, corporate and more.

You can learn more about the details from Marc's website and just click on the box or the instant download and it will take you to the page for your review.

Price = Different Options - Or Bundle Pack.
More Details

The Ad Creator by Laughingbird Software 

This is for everyone and just about any skill level. From greenhorns, newbies as they are called in this biz to web guru that can walk on the water of technology.

You don't have to spend a fortune anymore to get your online web advertising graphics created. You can do it yourself and save so you can spend more on the advertising and not the logos!

Price = $39.95
Start Creating Today

The Business Card Creator by Laughingbird Software 

Get the Business Card Logo & Letterhead Creator to create matching images for you to promote and give your business that image it needs to continue your business branding.

You can even use your own printer to save even more money allowing you to reduce the cost of running your business. You can also print them using the Laughingbird Print Shop.

Price = $39.95
Buy Yours Now is a partner of Laughingbird Software and any support or questions you may have will be handled by them. The creator of the software's name is Marc.. Nice Guy and great to work with. Thank's Marc!!

This is by far one of the best partnerships we've ever had the pleasure of dealing with. I was so impressed by the quaility I wanted to decidate a whole section on our blog and website for the Laughingbird Software product line.

Have fun creating your own graphics!