Monday, November 8, 2010

Template Monster Discounts

You see them all over the web those template promo codes to use during checkouts that claim to offer all kinds a discounts and there's nothing wrong with that.. it's just most of the time they do not work or already expired. Besides TemplateMonster has set the limit for discounts to 10% as we used to be 20% but that's out of our control. From time to time you'll see bigger discounts even as high as 50% but those are limited time offers and mostly selected types of templates. When those are offered we'll post on our site, tweet or something. Mostly blog about them ;)

There are over 145,000 affiliates that promote their templates and we're not sure just how many of those actually promote them but if you compare our site to theirs you'll find a a Big Difference. We offer service with a smile :) and we also offer a 10% discount everyday at not to mention Toll Free Sales Support and Live Chat Sales Support.

Where can I find your templates on sale?

Why offer the discount?
We have to compete for your business and discounts are a way that helps everyone. We could just offer promo codes but is that really the way we want to interact with our customers. Why offer something that's going to expire or cause any confusion? So, we just thought it would be best to discount all templates all the time.

Why just 10%?
From time to time you'll see us Tweet about a special over 10% but the whole discount process is offered and controlled by TemplateMonster. They are our supplier of templates that we offer. We just like to keep things simple and so far it's working great!

Why not make your own templates?
Thought of that many times. But, the truth of the matter is that we joined TM back in 2004 as we purchased a template for our own website. It was easy to edit and walla we had a professional website up in a couple of days. At that time we were also still learning the ropes as they say. Since TM has an army of designers, coders and animators, music department etc.. why reinvent the wheel?

How come you only offer sales support?
Well, that's because we're selling you one of their templates at a discount. Tech support is not included but we'll do our best to point you in the right direction with a template help website and library.

Do you offer custom editing for templates?
Yes, that's actually another reason why we provide excellent sales support. We want our clients happy and for those that are new and get stuck or bit off more then expected we're here to bail you out sorta speak and without taking you to the bank to get it done! Need some assistance with your template? Contact Us for a free quote :)

Do you offer custom website designs?
Yes, what do you have in mind?

If your not sure if a template is right for your project or you have any questions please feel free to contact us directly via our website at and someone will be happy to assist you.

Happy Editing!

Free Science HTML 5 Website Template

Today is another Freebie Template Download from TemplateMonster - it's an HTML 5 website designed for a Science niche. You're free to download it and use it for your project.

Click here for more Website Templates to choose from.

Any questions just let us know.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

CMS Website Templates and Themes

CMS has really come a long way in the past years and there are even more to choose from as your platform for your new website. Many of them are actually free it's just they are the foundation of the website structure if you will. Meaning that the way it looks is mostly simple, basic and rather plain. This is perfectly fine if you're not concerned about branding, style and the overall appearance. In other words do you want the website to match your colors, logo and company theme.

The only CMS Templates I'm going to speak about are those found on our website. Yes, this is my attempt to educate and help those save time and money by considering buying a website template or theme for your new project.

These are the following types of CMS Templates/Themes you can expect to find on our website at and I'm just going to go over a few you can find all of these and all other types of templates via our category selection on our websites home page.

  • Joomla Software Platform

    Visit the Joomla Website for the free open source software you'll need to download and install on your website. You'll want to check the requirements for these to be installed and check with your hosting to insure it will work. You'll also need the ability to create a database.

    Once installed and you're wanting to have a new look for the site. You can search our website for Joomla Themes. There are many to choose from and you'll also find many different types of businesses, blog themes and overall just about anything your looking for.

    Here's the link for the Online Help Center for Joomla Themes. There's a Pre-Purchase section and an After-The-Sale section to help before and after your purchase.

    Custom themes - sure, what do you have in mind? Contact Us

  • MotoCMS Website Software - NEW

    These are fairly new as in about a year ago we were 1st introduced to this neat concept. Right away this software impressed us so much we started quoting projects using this type of CMS website because of the flash style they present websites with, the fact that they do not require a database so non of those nasty MySQL Injections that so many websites are attacked with on the web.

    These are complete website kits. Meaning you install them to your website and there's a quick activation required as the admin section is controlled by the product being activated per your domain and proof of purchase. This is due to the fact that they are not free and take a team of people several days to create.

    Now for what really got our attention. The MotoCMS Templates are edited via the online browser such as Google's Chrome. You can use just about any browser of your liking. Once logged in your in charge, you decide how many pages the site will have as it's unlimited. You also can make new menu sections, drop downs, add YouTube videos with ease, images and even audio files.

    Custom MotoCMS Website - Of course, we can assist you there with a Free Quote!

  • Durpal Website Themes

    These are another popular and Free CMS type website and it's also available for free download. You can use it as it comes or select a theme from our website to give it a look that matches your online community as they are a modular based website. To learn more about these please check out the WikiPedia definition of Dupral as it's rather extensive!

    We offer lot's of Drupal Themes to chose from on our website and we're sure you'll find something to your liking.

    Sorry, we currently do not offer custom designs for Drupal at this time.

We also offer all kinds of website templates that are professionally designed for just about any business on the web or about to be on the web. If you have any questions regarding this blog or what type of website template is best for your project please feel free to contact us anytime. Just shoot us over an email and someone will be happy to assist you.

Best of luck to your online quest!

Why Use Website Templates

Before was created I was actually in the process of creating a niche site for the local community. Like many new business owners I had no clue about the web much less how to create a website. I visited really cool websites that I liked, viewed the source files and pasted them into my editor.. LOL!!! I mean, I looked at all that coding thinking there's no way I have the time to learn what all that means and still create a website. No, I was not going to copy anyone's code just wanted to see how it's put together.

My first software was FrontPage - wow, it was really easy to use and create sites. It worked for me but what I did not know was that the website I created was not going to be a seller. I mean, it was covered in ads, banners, buttons, scrolling text.. you know all the neat things back then. I started seeing that nobody was sticking around, no one signing up and of course no sales.

I asked a few close friends to look at the site and just so happens one of them was in school learning about the web. He advised that they were using templates to create test sites. I quickly ask hows a template going to help my website.

Easy he said.. you can have a much more professional website for 50 bucks or so and just change out the logo, text and edit the pages. I searched the web and found a template I liked. Also invested in Dreamweaver Editing Software package as I was hooked and knew I wanted to be in this field. Besides it was the suggested software for the template editing.

Took me a little time for the learning curve but what a website I created. I did not change much as it was professional design for my niche. I advertised it and within a day people were signing up and sales were happening. A couple of years later I was made an offer I could not refuse and sold the site :)

Why use a template.. for about 50 bucks and up you can have an excellent looking website. Sure, others will also purchase the design but they are sold world wide and it's not so likely that you'll see the same template online in the same niche. If so, I'm sure there are many changes to it. If not then modify yours a little bit more to give it that unique look.

I then created and the reason is to sell templates at a discounted rate to help people save money and time. Sure, we also offer custom editing services as well as custom website designs from scratch. Just depends on your budget and how knowledge you are to the different types of templates as there are many types. These include osCommerce or online stores, flash 8 websites, moto cms - content management sites including Joomla, Dupral and even WordPress Themes. Visit our website at for the entire collection of 10,000's of website templates!

At we are TemplateMonster Affiliates. Meaning we have their templates on our website and have discounted them each at 10% off everyday. We mostly sell to webmasters and new business owners that want to do it themselves.

My personal favorite Do It Yourself Website Templates are the MotoCMS or Formally known as FlashMoto. They are fantastic designs and search engine friendly. No special software required and even better you can edit from just about any internet browser connected to the web. Also they do not require a database so say goodbye to MySQL Injections Hacked Sites!

I do suggest that if you have never purchased a template before that you do some research on all the types and what will work for your business model or idea. We're here to consult at no charge to help point you in the right direction 24/7 we also offer Live Chat as well as Toll Free Sales Department at 877-619-6609 feel free to call anytime!

Best of luck to you all in your ventures.

Best Regards,