Tuesday, January 17, 2012

eCommerce Widget - MotoCMS Website

Introducing the MotoCMS eCommerce Widget!
After many months of development it's exciting to see such a powerful widget that we can add to any MotoCMS Template. The widget currently works with version 1.6 and up so just update your version and you'll be go to go. There are even more videos to help learn MotoCMS Software.

How do you get the MotoCMS eCommerce Widget?
There are currently a couple of ways and the 1st option is to add it to your shopping cart during checkout. When you add one of the MotoCMS Templates to your shopping cart.. continue to checkout and you'll notice other options. You can simply add the eCommerce widget to your purchase. It's currently on sale as well :)

Look For This!

Already have a template and only need the widget?
Ok sure thing, simply email us at info@snerdey.com and make the subject line "MotoCMS Widget" as we'll get you a direct link to make the purchase. This is a new widget and we want to make sure that clients seeking to purchase the widget actually have a MotoCMS Template otherwise it's not good business practice.

We also offer Template Installation Service.Check the image below for examples of how the Installation and eCommerce Widget are currently being offered during the checkout process. It's easy to get your website started with MotoCMS!

If you have any questions or need assistance just let us know.


Monday, January 9, 2012

OMG - Don't Be Boring

It does not take a rocket scientist to see who's bored in this photo above huh? I mean, check out the look he's getting from the back of his head. Might as well just leave the room as he's not going anywhere anytime soon. Is it really a problem that he's enjoying his new game on his electronic device? Na, but maybe spending too much time focusing on what he likes? Yeah.. let's bring that rocket scientist back into our minds for a moment.

Do you ever think that they get burned out on the idea of designing rockets to take people to the moon and space travel? No, not a chance cause they are living the dream of their childhood memories (for example you know what I mean) so what's this guy's dream in the photo? Living alone.. cause if he keeps this up that's what will happen. But, maybe that's not the case?

Could it be they are just taking turns playing different games. Maybe she likes Golf and he's into Car Racing and just passing a driver on the track and slipping into 1st place or is it' last place? If she's not into the game, notice only one controller. Chances are this is the case then total lack of interest comes to mind here. Does that mean she does not like him? Na.. just bored out her mind pretty sure anyway!

How could he make it better for her? Well, a second controller and even a two person game would be a good start. Something for everyone so it's not so one sided. Not everyone that comes to their home will want to play the game. Some actually just like to watch, read the instructions or even just relax doing some people watching. Yes, I believe many still do this..

Inviting someone over to your home can be interesting for the 1st meet. I mean, there's all kinds of things at play here. Some have animals, some are cleaner than others, some smoke inside, some don't smoke and pretty sure you get the idea. But, most importantly each home is based on that home dwellers taste and likes. So, not everyone is going to enjoy the visit or will want to exit sooner than one would normally prefer such as before Coffee and Cake is even served.

If you want visitors to your website to stick around.. serve them what they are looking for. Don't serve them Cookies and Milk suggestions when they are seeking Chicken Recipes!

Have a Great Year in 2012 - Everyone :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Magento Way

Above you'll find all the Magneto Themes offered via our affiliation with TemplateMonster. You also noticed there's a price difference. That's due to the fact that Snerdey.com is giving you 10% Off the regular prices everyday.

What is Magento?
Magento is loaded with features designed to display your eCommerce store. Supported buy a platform built on open-source technology providing merchants owners amazing flexibility, control over the look, store content and optional functions via the online eCommerce website presence. With Magento's creative control panel or administration interface one can empower the business efforts using the powerful marketing, SEO or search engine optimization abilities. Along with the built-in management tools that provide merchants the power to display their products tailored unique to their business needs.

Read More About Magento on their FAQ Section. As you'll need to have Magento software installed on your website in order to use one of the themes to change the look and feel of the store.

What are Magento Themes?
Magento Themes are pre-designed layouts created by a team of professionals with experience in using and working with the ecommerce platform. Web designers use platforms such as Magento to base their clients online stores from. The commerce setup is rather basic and one can choose to design a theme from scratch for more cost than it would to use one of the professional themes above. There are many to choose from and you'd be able to edit colors, images. No need to spend hours, days or more on editing the changes to suit your needs.

Here's a live Magento Demo in action using one of the themes above.

As with all the templates purchased from our website you'll get 1 Free year Hosting and 1 Free Year Domain Name included. If you have any questions, concerns please feel free to comment below or contact us directly via our website www.Snerdey.com

Have a Great New Year in 2012

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Too Many Hats

What hat are you currently wearing? I don't mean physically, we're talking mental here! It does not matter if your a painter, builder, teacher or even an investor. When it comes to doing things yourself to save a buck or wearing your super hero jack of all trades tool belt. Most likely.. you wear all kinds of other hats though out your personal, business and social life.

I heard a local radio commercial the other day. It was one of those do it yourself online website builders. Less than an hour you're online and ready to go!!! What! One hour? I did not even bother to go try it or even look at the company making the offer. We all know about the phrase "if it seams too good to be true" etc.. well I'd have to disagree with that phrase as the source of this offer is not important. Enough said.. that's not what I'm talking about any way. It's what the commercial made me think about when it was over.

One Hour Website!!!
One would instantly say to themselves. Whoo hooo! I can save myself a ton of money and knock this project out myself. Just need to put my logo, company name, couple of photos along with the details of what my website is all about. Let's not forget the contact us page as well as some legal jumbo mumbo ya know. Gotta protect my interest as they say! Ok, so it's been an hour and I'm all done. Perfect!

Or Is It?
Let's listen in on a conversation that could easily take place between two business partners. Let's refer to them as Mike and Debby for this example:

Hey Mike, come take a look. I created the company website in less than one hour! I saved us time and money. It's all free for the first year! Domain name, hosting and my online website builder account. Cool! Let me take a look at it. Hey that's not bad! I like it, we should do great with that website!!

Mike is your typical hard working painter. Does not use the computer, no email account and does not even text on his cell phone. What can he offer in regards to advice about the website? Show his thanks and gratitude for his partners efforts. Of course, it's polite to do so. Debby knows all about installing computer software, fast learner and is indeed a regular at the online games, chat, emails, text'n .. shes' all over it ya know! So, she's done exactly what the radio commercial said she'd be able to do. Happy times!!

A few months go by and the only thing bringing in sales is still the local newspaper ad they maintained till the website took over the task of bringing in new customers. Over a period of say 6 months they got 1 job from the website. It was a friend that was already going to buy, but they looked at the website from the newspaper ad and called. So, what really got them the job? The newspaper, sent them to the website. So, they keep the ad running.

Later on, Mike runs into Scott from Snerdey.com at a cabana over on the island. While enjoying a ice cold brew conversation takes place between two perfect strangers. Talk about what each other do for work, swap business cards and Scott ask for the website address as it's his passion, hobby and really has a desire to help people succeed in life. 

One of the first things that's noticed right away is that the website address is not even on the business card. Later that evening Scott reviews the website and sends off an email with suggestions, modifications and most always includes a free quote or two for an overhaul using one of the website templates or even the cms software. The email address on the card is one of those free online email accounts they've used for everything since day one. Not the new website address with their own email.. ugh!

Let's take a look at the email Scott sent.

Hello Mike!

Great to meet you, enjoyed our visit. I've looked over your website and as you asked you requested my honest review and what I'd do to make it work better for the company.

My first impression is that the website is taking over 25 seconds to load on a cable modem even. Websites need to open within just a few seconds or less for the home page at least. There are 20 photos on the home page that are all 5MB each. Those photos need to be reduced in byte size and I'd move them to their own page using a photo gallery.

--- skipping to end.

Overall the website is ok, it's a modified cookie cutter website and I can see it's one of those free website offers. You've done a good job with the content "wording" on the services page. Checked backlinks to the site and there are none. Checked for directory listings, social media and the only thing I find when searching your services in the area are 100's of pages of other painters.

Let's meet for a free consultation over the web via my online meeting software. This way you can see my screen and we can go over the issues I see on the site. I've also provided a few options below to spiff up the website to bring it up to par and blow your competitors websites out of the water!

Design Option One
This design is all ready laid out for a painters website.
Requires basic HTML Skills, CSS and Adobe Software

Design Option Two
This website setup is focused more on colors for a painting company to offer.
Also requires knowledge of HTML, CSS and Dynamic Website Design and Adobe software.

Design Option Three
Now this template is all about "DIY" or Do It Yourself can be a painting website easy!
Actually requires no special software, does cost a little more but it's so easy to use...

Let me know what you think!

Have a Great New Year!

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