Monday, January 9, 2012

OMG - Don't Be Boring

It does not take a rocket scientist to see who's bored in this photo above huh? I mean, check out the look he's getting from the back of his head. Might as well just leave the room as he's not going anywhere anytime soon. Is it really a problem that he's enjoying his new game on his electronic device? Na, but maybe spending too much time focusing on what he likes? Yeah.. let's bring that rocket scientist back into our minds for a moment.

Do you ever think that they get burned out on the idea of designing rockets to take people to the moon and space travel? No, not a chance cause they are living the dream of their childhood memories (for example you know what I mean) so what's this guy's dream in the photo? Living alone.. cause if he keeps this up that's what will happen. But, maybe that's not the case?

Could it be they are just taking turns playing different games. Maybe she likes Golf and he's into Car Racing and just passing a driver on the track and slipping into 1st place or is it' last place? If she's not into the game, notice only one controller. Chances are this is the case then total lack of interest comes to mind here. Does that mean she does not like him? Na.. just bored out her mind pretty sure anyway!

How could he make it better for her? Well, a second controller and even a two person game would be a good start. Something for everyone so it's not so one sided. Not everyone that comes to their home will want to play the game. Some actually just like to watch, read the instructions or even just relax doing some people watching. Yes, I believe many still do this..

Inviting someone over to your home can be interesting for the 1st meet. I mean, there's all kinds of things at play here. Some have animals, some are cleaner than others, some smoke inside, some don't smoke and pretty sure you get the idea. But, most importantly each home is based on that home dwellers taste and likes. So, not everyone is going to enjoy the visit or will want to exit sooner than one would normally prefer such as before Coffee and Cake is even served.

If you want visitors to your website to stick around.. serve them what they are looking for. Don't serve them Cookies and Milk suggestions when they are seeking Chicken Recipes!

Have a Great Year in 2012 - Everyone :)

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