Tuesday, January 17, 2012

eCommerce Widget - MotoCMS Website

Introducing the MotoCMS eCommerce Widget!
After many months of development it's exciting to see such a powerful widget that we can add to any MotoCMS Template. The widget currently works with version 1.6 and up so just update your version and you'll be go to go. There are even more videos to help learn MotoCMS Software.

How do you get the MotoCMS eCommerce Widget?
There are currently a couple of ways and the 1st option is to add it to your shopping cart during checkout. When you add one of the MotoCMS Templates to your shopping cart.. continue to checkout and you'll notice other options. You can simply add the eCommerce widget to your purchase. It's currently on sale as well :)

Look For This!

Already have a template and only need the widget?
Ok sure thing, simply email us at info@snerdey.com and make the subject line "MotoCMS Widget" as we'll get you a direct link to make the purchase. This is a new widget and we want to make sure that clients seeking to purchase the widget actually have a MotoCMS Template otherwise it's not good business practice.

We also offer Template Installation Service.Check the image below for examples of how the Installation and eCommerce Widget are currently being offered during the checkout process. It's easy to get your website started with MotoCMS!

If you have any questions or need assistance just let us know.



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  2. Any idea how i can add options (such as sizes and colours)?

  3. Good question and here is the answer :)