Sunday, January 12, 2014

Long time since my last post.. Hello

Hello everyone,

Sorry for not updating for the past couple of years.. good grief! Well, it's not cause I elected not too, it's cause we're human :)

Moving forward..

Take a look at it is a website that has not changed owners, no even 1 design change and continues to run no matter what time you check it. * (WayBackMachine - view the history of the website) Of course I'm talking about one of my most favorite projects. I love how simple this website is, there's little to complain about and it's straight forward as to what this website is all about... or is it?

Actually the truth be known it's a website dedicated to hosting friends, trusted businesses and personal projects of my own. What I'd like to share today is a little something most of us know as pay it forward. If you need a website hosted, want to sell hosting or even be an affiliate there really is no need to spend lots of money to insure your website is online and secure .. yada yada yada .. don't know what this means? Then have a quick read below.. if you know what it means contact me directly at my email address to the top right of my blog. It's the link that say's "contact Snerdey" .. lol, yes I'm laughing but it's ok :)

What doe's "Private Server" mean?

Means you have the power to own your own private server, control what is on a server if your a re-seller that is. Hosting websites is one thing, managing and selling hosting space to other people is of course a horse of a different color. Yeah, I got my blog post plugged for horses in 2014 so if your searching for horses sorry can't help you but I can help you host your horse business. Gotta love humor!

Still do not follow me? Why not, I'm on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and of course Google+ cause I'm somebody in this world but even I do not know who I am. Do you? If so, please tell me!

Oh, and regards to yada, yada, yada .. it's the same as blah, blah, blah

Have a Great New Year in 2014


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