Friday, October 14, 2011

Spooky Website Templates

Some scary thoughts come to mind when it's time to start up a new website or take over one from others who exited the department etc... In these types of cases many sites are just abandoned all together like the haunted house down the street no one wants to visit! Thus causing owners/investors to spend more on web sites.

You know what I'm talking about.. wanna know what's behind the door but never know what you're going to see? Mostly just those ghostly 404 error codes or misplaced pages not to mention the infamous 301 redirect critters that control what you see as your rerouted to other options, folders or even download request.

That last sentence was too spooky to go back and edit so I'll just leave it alone!

Dare if you will and search the sale:

10% Discount on all Halloween Template Monster Templates.. all the other templates too but we're just talking about the scary ones. But, if you need a Santa Claus or any Holiday Website Template I'm sure you can find one you like. If not, keep in mind you can always have the images changed, colors and even custom spooky web effects. Contact us on the Creepy Webmaster Email and some Human Monster will be happy to return your soul I mean reply to your email ;)

Does not matter if you need flash, flash cms, php even a business or personal photo gallery. We're here to help you stay "save" in the world of web design services! On the way out.. check out the online store templates.

Have a safe and happy Holiday Season!

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