Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gone Fishing!

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Click the image above or click view live demo to see this design in action.

Do you have to be a fisherman to design a website for a fishing supply company? No, but I'm sure it would make the customer feel more comfortable that you have a true understanding of their business. A little preparing for an online meeting, in person or even over the phone can go a long way!

Magento Commerce Software
This template is designed for websites powered by Magneto Commerce. Currently designed for a fishing website but that does not mean it's only for fishing type websites. With a few simple changes of the logo, company name and photos. The website can be just about any type of online presence you or your client require. Feel free to search from more Magneto Templates.

How to use the Magento Template
Visit the Oline Help Section. The help section covers what all is required to setup the website, admin section and pretty much everything you need to have an online store up and running in no time!

Still Have Questions
If you're just getting started, seeking to hire a web designer to help bring your idea to life but still have some unanswered questions on getting everything lined up. Contact us here at Snerdey Web Designs we'd be happy to provide you with regarding your project scope and what it will take to get it going budget wise. while we're wearing our fishing hats of course or is your website about Golf, Banking, Restaurant or even some other business? It's important that we put on the same thinking caps as you wear so everyone's on the same playing field... both boats catch more "fish" in their nets!

Happy Fishing!

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