Thursday, August 11, 2011

They're Just Donuts!

Today we're going to learn a little more about how donuts can help you make a decision when selecting how to design your 1st or even you're 12th website!

So how can donuts help you do anything? For starters we're not going to eat these donuts today. Just talk about them so keep your paws off my assorted box of donuts :) So let's check out a couple of things these donuts all have in common. They are round in shape, all have a hole of some sort and they are sweet. Ok, yeah that's enough to compare them to say, web site templates?

What are three things that websites have in common to each other? Each website has a URL or specific link such as ours and the other two things would be content and of course colors, photos etc.. like even buttons. So, you get the point. We're talking about 3 things.

Let's say these donuts are on your desk right now. Which one would you select to try out first? Cause, you know you want one! Myself, I'm thinking the cherry flavored colored one. So, how can it help in selecting what templates to use when searching on our website. Well, keep in mind. Each of the donuts is a tad different then the other. Even though the box contains 12 donuts.. they were not all created the same way.

Templates for example are created to work with certain cms software, online stores, blogs, wordpress and many others. So it's important to keep in mind what "type" of template your seeking or previewing. Cause unlike the donuts, you don't mind eating one you don't really care for ya know! If your not sure of what type of template to select for your project.. request our free consulting service to assist you in selecting your donuts.. err, template.

By the way, did you know our services are 24/7 all across the globe? You can actually talk to someone about your project right now! Visit our website at and you'll find our Toll Free Number, Live Chat or if you like comment right here on our blog. Rather email us? Ok, sure just click on the Contact Us below and we'll contact you right back within moments. We don't use auto replies and if you call and go to voice mail. Please leave a message with your name, website and phone number or just your email address.

Now.. go get you some donuts :)
Snerdey (Contact Us)


  1. I like the jelly donuts. Just like a good site, they are wonderful on the outside but just keep getting better and better once ya reach the inside.

  2. I'm still not sharing my donuts with ya! (doctor evil wicked laugh) ;)