Friday, August 12, 2011

When Gas Was 13.6 Cents

While visiting my best friends mothers house, out in the country about 20 miles from Austin, Texas. As we got closer I knew this was going to be a step back in time.  Once we started to pull into the long rock covered driveway. It was like nothing changed from their childhood days. I use that term loosely cause it was a time of innocence, family and friends. Yes, wars were going on. Battles over this and that. But, back home everyone did their best to continue life in the best way possible. Happy with what they have as well as grateful, blessed .. I could go on forever cause back thing they must have thought it was going to go on forever.

Even during the great depression, people tried to live a normal life as possible. Eat, Sleep and yes.. work hard. I mean, work hard! If you were to compare what's in the bedroom, school locker, pockets and even in the hair of one 16 year old male of 1945 and one 16 year old male of 2011. You'd find more than 100 differences.. eh?

So let's see if I can remember when I was 16?

I'm 46 now, so that would be 30 years ago. Hmm, gas was about $1.35 per gallon. I had one of those Texas Hardship Drivers Licenses cause you only needed a part-time job and come from divorce family etc.. I was extremely lucky enough to have an International Scout II - all mine! Our dad provided the 1st ride for each of the 4 siblings with me being the youngest by 8 years.. yea, I was not supposed to happen! (wicked evil laugh)!!

Even 10 years after their divorce, without asking or ever talking about it. I was flown up to Tenn where he worked. Sitting there in the airport parking lot was the gift he said he wanted to give me. My mom and I drove it back.. wow! That was an amazing vacation :) Dad got the vehicle from one of those city auctions for impounded cars, drug bust etc.. for $800 bucks. Wish I still had that Scout, it's worth $15k now. Holy Crud Batcat!!! I know this because the receipt and all the paperwork was in the glove box.

All of this got me started working harder mowing yards in the neighborhood. I had pay for the gas to get to all the parties. I mean, gigs no wait.. ahh, sleep overs.. no, drat! Bonfires, camp outs and cook outs on the lake! Yep, that's it!

During the summer of 1981, still 16 year old teenager mind you. I was working at Wendy's - actually, McDonald's was my 1st job. I truly approached each of my ventures.. jobs.. as careers. Thank you for the lessons in life people :) Back then kids were just focused on themselves.. yeah, not much has changed.. lol.

I must have tired 30 jobs over the years. Landed some amazing careers along the way.. IBM, AT&T as well as SWB could not keep up with my multitasking mind. I actually got bored often till a buddy told me his place of employment was hiring. Big shout out to Steve Case for the career at AOL before 9-11. I finally decided to venture off on my own with Snerdey in 2004 :)

History of Gas Prices
Today Aug 2011, gas is: $3.54 per gallon.
Unfortunately, there is little to no solid data on gas prices before the 1950's, and so we'll begin our journey through the history of gas prices here. In 1950, gasoline cost about 26.8 cents per gallon. Gas rose about a cent or so per year until 1957 where gas was in its most remarkable period. From 1957 to 1969, prices at the pump only went up a total of 3.8 cents from 31 cents per gallon to 34.8 cents per gallon! Visit the History Of Gasoline. -

How much was gas per gallon back when you were 16?
What were you driving, if any or carpooling, horse buggy.. walking?
Tell us about your 1st job! Come on, don't be shy :)
How much is gas currently in your home town?

Wanna help me buy more gas.. err, wait I don't own a vehicle!
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Most of all.. have fun.. no matter what!
Snerdey :)


  1. I remember my father complaining that gas when gas went to $.55 a gallon so that's my official answer on gas price. I didn't get to drive until I was 17 and it was a Pinto with a hatchback and spoiler. Very sporty. I learned to drive in a '53 Dodge with a column shifter. My first job was tutoring math. I never experienced the joy of food service though I always thought I'd grow up to work at Taco Bell because that looked like a really cool job. (That was back when the only seating was open air and they set things up so you could see them throw your burrito together.)

  2. Oh man that was the hangout back then too! Taco Bell really had the teen thing going. Still do, prices control that.. not so much taste. LOL

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