Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Flash CMS Automotive Website

Flash CMS Website Template - Powered by MotoCMS | Live Demo

This design is all about the automotive dealer or auto review type websites. It's a fancy way to show off new car features with some slick pencil animation between pages. That's the screen shot above of the animation that shows once you click to different pages of the website. I actually like it best myself but this is not about what I like, it's about what works and this site works for me and I'm sure other visitors will agree!

Each photo of the car now has specific sections with their own photo, details. Making it a more personal option to really show off the automobile in a new way.

Contact us for any assistance in setting up your website. We'll even give you a free quote. No, it does not have to be a car website.. we can handle just about anything you throw at us!

Go ahead.. give it a test drive :)

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