Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Photo By Scott "Snerdey" Lawrence 2011

While driving along the Texas Coastline within the South Padre Island, TX beaches. I stumbled across this amazingly simple yet elegant setup for a wedding. There was nobody home. Seams the party was earlier in the day as it was about 2pm in the afternoon. Kinda hot ya know! So, one would wonder if this was really a real wedding?

When you visit the island there are 6 access points to the coast. The last 3 are via your vehicle.. yes, you can actually drive up the coastline about 25 miles or so. This setup was about 2 miles away from the main population of most people on vacation etc.. Actually, there was nothing to the right or left as far as the eye could see. Behind me in the photo is the Gulf Coast.

Interesting.. do you see anything in the photo that's missing?
Do you see what I don't see?

Have A Happy Life Everyone :)
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