Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Eat My Website!

That's exactly what you want to happen to your website, you want it eaten up! Search engines send out little programs called bots. These bots go all over the web checking for new, fresh content on websites, blogs etc.. So it's important that your website is worthy of being gobbled up.

Take this sandwich please! Yes, you can have it and do what you want with it. Cause, that is what's going to happen to your website. If you don't create a website with unique content, fresh as in today's date or that freshly cooked bacon. You're sandwich, I mean your website will be eaten but it's how much of it they left on the plate that matters. Not to mention did they keep it down, or index your website properly.

There are a lot of things missing in my sandwich such as menu, how to eat, what other options you can have. But, is that really the point of my post today? No, it's stay focused when creating your website. The website templates you see on Snerdey were created by a team of professionals. Writers, Animators, Coders, Database Gurus, Director and don't forget the Music Department nor the Models. Everything you see took a team of about 7 people to create the website theme or template.

There's no need to go learn how to bake bread, create your own mayo or even raise pigs just so you can go make a sandwich that does not get the blue ribbon. That's like reinventing the wheel just to save a few bucks. Not everyone can make a great sandwich that everyone loves to eat. Many are just as happy with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. That's fine too, so don't expect your website to appeal to everyone's appetite. Just because you like your website does not mean it's right for the web or your niche.

You don't create a real deli shop to sell sandwiches to yourself.. so, don't have tunnel vision when it comes to your website design. There's such a thing as too much and too little. Think about the last time you purchased a sandwich and thought "I could have made one better" and saved myself a few bucks. That's what templates do for you, they save you time and money!

If you're new to the world of web design, welcome. We're happy to assist you in selecting a website template(s) that fits your project. We also offer affordable template editing as well as custom web designs from scratch.

I'm hungry all the sudden!
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  1. Seriously, I find myself far more likely to read (and keep reading) a blog post when it is wrapped up in this style of creative writing. Good job, Scott Lawrence!