Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Photography Websites

There are a few types of websites that come to mind when it comes to a photographers website. So to help those who are new to the business or just now seeking to place their photos online. I've put together a collection of ideas, suggestions and of course your comments are indeed welcomed.

The first type of photographers website that comes to mind is the most common. One that is designed as a personal photo album. Just out to share their photos with the world without any control of who's using the photos and just basically taking photos as a hobby. Here are a few designs that are perfect for a Personal Photography Website.

Many photographers have turned their passion into their career. So their websites are more a showcase of past photo gigs with separate albums to display weddings, parties and the like. It's a good idea to add a few basic pages such as About Us, Our Services and Contact Us but it's also good to have a blog section for the daily, weekly thoughts and just random photos for visitors to get a feel for the people behind the camera. It's one thing to say you're a Professional Photographer but it's an entirely different thing to prove it! I'd highly consider adding a Client Testimonial section as well. Why a blog? If the website is only photos and contact me then there's nothing for search engines to index your website with.

What about those that are looking to sell their photos? Many do so there are some designs just for that purpose. You can have watermarks and control the use as best as possible. But there's no real way for one to protect what people do with your photo once it's purchased. Unless you have an army of lawyers. So, for those who just would like give it a go here are some Online Store Websites designed to sell photos.. some might also be designed to sell cameras and equipment but you'll get the idea.

In closing...
Hope this helps with making your decision on what type of website design is best suited for your project or business. If you need any assistance or consulting just let me know .. I'd be happy to assist you in creating your website just for you.

Happy Photo Taking!
Snerdey :)

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