Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Snerdey Wish List

Ahh, how sweet it is to have such a list. The list I can tell my friends and family to refer too when they ask me about gifts. Like "what do you want for your birthday?" - you heard that before! Not to mention the holiday seasons. Might as well send them to my own link!

Gifts still not fill filled yet:
Photo Credit - Making Vans Cool Again

There are many other things I'd wish for but why let that cat out of the bag? Some wishes are best keep secret and some are rather personal ya know! I'll keep the list updated as the roll in :)

My birthday is January 28th by the way!

Hope you've enjoyed today's post, be sure and come back tomorrow for more!
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  1. I have an RV fantasy, needs to be a little bigger than a van, but nothing huge. I like the Sprinter.
    I do believe we can have anything we want. But you have to agree with me to get it. In other words, you have to believe you can have it.

  2. LOL...yeah, those are great dreams.
    I'd love a Blackbird, or possibly a Fireblade. Me loves big bikes ;)


  3. How could I forget the Man Cave? Added ;)

  4. Thank you for the comments everyone :) I'm thinking about getting the bike first!