Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sex Does Not Sell - Introducing FlashCMS Template # 32243

How can Sex sell? Does everyone think this? Surely not! So, what is it about this phrase "Sex Sells"? I mean, you can see it's only two words. It's not even a full sentence. Is it someone's slogan for their business.. not sure, not checking and surely will not approve any comments or links to such sites. Today, I'm going to test this out. I'll come back and update each time this Flash CMS Template sales from our website. Please see details below on on how to get your website added to today's post.

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This is not adult content - Just a great website template for photographers :)

FlashCMS TemplateMonster # 32243 | Normal Price $230 On Sale $207 | Buy Now

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Template   Info :
Item number : 32243 
Author: Cowboy
Downloads : 10
Sources Available:

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WinZip 9+ (Windows);
Stuffit Expander 10+ (Mac);

So, does sex sell?

For those who purchased this template # 32243 please contact us directly. We'll ask for proof of purchase to insure this link was used to make the purchase. No adult content websites allowed.
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  1. I think it depends entirely on the business and the target audience. There is no doubt it has made a difference (in terms of advertising) for companies such as GoDaddy but for companies that target 40 year old women, they would likely find it highly offensive. In my humble opinion, it always comes back to the audience you want to attract.

  2. What Cricket said. Especially about audience. I think the topic needs to relate, too. For example, if you're selling a template for photographers, a great photograph like the one above makes sense.

  3. Most sales are college students creating new websites for their online businesses, blogs and the rest is commercial or corporations. Art is not meant to offend anyone, being this is a photographers website :)

    Thank you for the comment! It's vital to hear everyones thoughts and views regarding the template. Love to hear more about the layout functions, menu, pages.

    There are many other templates to test drive ;)

    Snerdey.com does not sell or allow adult related website templates to be part of our website. All the photos are all non-adult stock photos.

  4. I should have added a bit more to the post. The point was more how powerful and easy this CMS is compared to the title. But, somehow I just lost track.. :)

    A team of about seven people are assigned to the whole concept when a template is designed. These are loaded with SEO and so easy to edit with. Take the admin for a spin and let me know what you think! Many of the clients we sell too already know to search for the template number to get our discount so I just really needed to post it real quick!

    Thank you for your comment.