Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Featured CMS Website - XML Powered by MotoCMS

The web design community offers many options to website owners, designers and the like. Especially when it comes to CMS (Content Management Systems). Here are Snerdey Web Designs we just completed a complete makeover for the Scott & White Hospital in Taylor, Texas. The site is now powered by MotoCMS using a Customized Flash CMS Website Design. You can also view the professional Flash CMS Templates selection.

Scott & White Hospital | Taylor

Features of this software allow the Hospital to make it's own updates easily and from any computer. There's no MySQL Database as the site information is all in XML. We removed the music, sounds as they did not require that for the site. It also help speed up the loading time. It's less than 5 sec's for me testing on it on a standard cable modem.

Developer Information:

New Quality Level

Using our Flash CMS you may create quality Flash websites of different complexity levels, without any limits and conventions. The possibilities of Moto CMS allow you to satisfy the requirements of the most hard-to-please customers creating truly unique and inimitable in their beauty designs. Now the words regarding the ability to use ANY design for creating Flash website are not meaningless. You don’t need to limit yourself choosing a standard menu or usual content blocks arrangement on all website pages. The final result now depends on your fantasy only.
Each page of the created with Moto CMS website can be original and inimitable. You will get an opportunity to create the unlimited number of pages, not similar to each other, and integrate them into one website.
Animation Diversity
Simply forget that some separate page content elements can be sluggish and lifeless. Here is Moto CMS that will take care of your visitors providing them with a vivid animated picture, and thus putting them in a good mood. Separate images, buttons, bulleted lists and many other elements can be animated as you wish. This effect is achieved by means of the unique system of slots realized in Moto CMS.
Save your time and effortsDon’t even think that the process of adding interactivity to your website will take much time or require additional efforts. Be sure, everything is easy and intuitively clear. Just imagine the amazing interactive experience which you may offer to your visitors.
Here is another important point. The process of creating Flash websites via Moto CMS is similar to the process of creating web pages with Adobe Flash. You don’t even need to radically change your knowledge and views on website creation.
All animation, content blocks creation and content editing can be performed quite easily and don’t require additional special knowledge.
Do Only Effective Work
You may have already focused your attention on this point, but just in case, once again we would like to talk about different levels of website editing via Moto Flash CMS. Now you alone can assign the admin permissions to editing this or that website element.
On the one hand, due to this feature you as a developer get rid of numerous insignificant updates and customer’s knocks, as he can do all these corrections with ease by himself without possessing special knowledge.
On the other hand, you can lock all important functional blocks, widgets or control panel elements from further editing by a website owner. This will make your customer turn to you as the only specialist who can successfully fulfill the given tasks once he needs to do any changes in design or functionality.
This approach makes your life much easier and helps you maximize profits at the cost of additional work on the already created website, as well as it helps you gain a reputation of a professional webmaster when the talk turns to creating Flash websites of new generation both in terms of design and functionality.
End Developer Information
The prices of our services, quality of the product and our commitment to customer service is why our clients keep telling others about us. It's wonderful to have referrals. If you know of anyone or yourself that needs a website of just about any kind. Just let us know, we'd be happy to provide a free consultation.
If you have any questions, just let us know.
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