Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Everything Goes But The Kitchen Sink

Take a really close look at this basket of goodies. I put together all kinds of things from the kitchen. Kicking around the idea of making a great potato soup. Notice some of the spuds are trying to call my kitchen home! There are many ways to making a great soup. Some of the best are just the idea of using everything except the kitchen sink!

So, with this in mind. What do you think does not belong as part the idea of "making" tonights soup? Sure, there are things missing like pots and pans etc.. So let's just focus on everything inside this basket. Does anything not belong as part of the process of creating tonights soup? Of course the ash try is not going in the soup. I don't smoke either, the serving spoon is going to rest on it while it's cooking.

Check to see if something in the photo below is just not part of the process. Comment on what is not part of a good soup and why? Of course, I just go to the local restaurant or cafe. I just prefer home cooked meals myself.

If content is king, it's gotta taste good too! And when I refer to taste I'm talking about eye candy and those little bots that go around indexing the web. One would not want to have an online floral website with unrelated items on the site. I have no desire to place the flashlight in the soup, but it's handy in case the power goes out. Just don't think I'd sell very many flashlights from my online florist website

Hope you've enjoyed todays post, be sure and come back tomorrow for more!


  1. I actually think that this theory is important in many areas of the Internet and life in general. Knowing what to keep in and what to leave out is important in sales, producing content, manufacturing and design, and is an often understated skill.

  2. Love the creative way you made your point with this article...

  3. Your ad got my attention enough for me to read it several times, click the links, check the source code in an effort to understand what you were selling... os comerce, joomlah!, flash site templates, not sure what else... Pretty darn effective.

    I really like the understatement...

    I'm not sure I'd be able to leave the site unexplained... Or want to...

  4. Thank you for taking your time to read the post and for the comments!

    Over the past years I always posted just biz stuff and moved on.

    Props to Cricket for breaking the mold and showing me the way to good posting. Hopefully it will continue to get better ;)