Thursday, January 13, 2011

They Grow Up So Fast

As humans, we're able to participate in life's miracle of creating offspring. Heck, the whole world is at it. From the fishes in the sea to the birds in the trees. When the Doctor hands over your child, it's an amazing feeling! You're so high in the clouds it's almost unreal. Before your child is born there's lots of prep work involved. Including going to the Doctor for checkups and let's not forget joining your wife at Lamaze classes!

Alicia - Married July 2010 :)

Now back at home there's a special new crib or used one - thank goodness! All the pink colors (in our case) and supplies are there like the special baby blanket, the rattler of course and all kinds of baby food. Not to mention the diapers! There's a lifetime commitment going on here ya know! You should apply this type of dedication and efforts when it comes to your online offspring if you will.

You take the time to come up with a great name as well has hosting for your online existence. Bragging will get you no where. But, if you take the time to remember you're human and not a billboard. I think you'll find more success than if you just went around the web blabbing about your niche of the world wide web. Kinda like todays post. Sure, I sell website templates and offer a free year of hosting with your template purchase. But, that's not the main focus of my post now is it?

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