Thursday, January 6, 2011

Exclusive Offer To All v7Network Blogging Challenge Members

I had the pleasure of meeting Cricket when I joined the v7Network forum. The moderators, Mentors are a great bunch of people. They really make you feel at home. Somehow I got the attention of someone there and was given the title Mentor myself. It's an honor for anyone to be noticed. Thanks guys and gals!

So, on with what todays post is all about.

To All Members of the v7Network 30 Day Challenge
Over the past few days I've seen many blogs posted in the challenge. Some are new as a result of this challenge which is a great idea! Something I've also noticed is how many are using the basic setup from WordPress with an image at the top. Nothing wrong with that whatsoever. For those who'd like to make it more personal or business but are not web designers read on.

Today I thought I'd offer my time at no charge to help anyone of my fellow members who'd like to add a theme but need a little help with adding it to their website. There are many free themes on the web and for the most part those will work just fine. Since I can't offer my time fully for free here are some excellent options and information for you to review.

What's a theme? Well, it's like a new paint job for your car. Heck, it can even make the car look like a totally different car! Back to themes, they are also referred to as skins. But, since they also change the location of menus, add more options for layout. They are called Themes.
  • A Little Help please... FREE Consultation
    If you'd like some assistance with your WordPress site. Shoot me over an email directly at and get on my calendar. Let me know what your blog url is and what you'd like for it to look like. Take a look at all the free themes on the web. We can visit about it and do some research to make sure it's the right theme for you. This is a free consultation to help get you in the right direction. I'll even provide you with typical instructions on how to do it yourself. Most of the themes all come with directions so it will depend on your technical skills too. I'd be happy to read over the instructions and advise if this is something you'd be comfortable tackling yourself. Otherwise I'd have to dedicate a couple of hours to your project thus I had to create some premium options below.
  • Just The Top Image... FREE Labor
    If you'd just like to replace the top image with a custom image or some company information, kids photos etc.. I'd be happy to create those at no charge as well. These would be more fun anyway as I totally enjoy editing photos. Now, if you need a photo to use and don't have something to use. Don't just go grab something off the web. You want to own that image so you have the right to use it. Free downloads.. well, where did they get those photos? I'd visit Fotolia as they have zillions to choose from for like $1 but before you choose you should contact me to insure you get the right size as you'll want it not to be too small or too big. Then once you have the image send it to me, let me know what you want on it. Please don't abuse this offer so you'll want to send me as much detail as possible so we're not spending hours on a 15 min project :)
Premium Service
Well, I can't spend all day working for free. So, for those that require more work or just don't want to mess with the themes. I have some ideas to help you not only save money but you can also have an amazing looking WordPress site for just a couple of hours of my time. Time is money and my rates have not changed since 2004. Not too many will post hourly rates but not me. My hourly rate is $35 and I always quote not to exceed so many hours. If I do, either I eat it all myself as I don't charge if I'm not able to get it to work for you either.

Premium Themes
We have a huge selection of Premium WordPress Themes here at Snerdey Web Designs. You can search through 100's of them. We also install other theme suppliers such as ThemeForest. Now there's always an issue with plugins etc.. we're not able to insure they are compatible with your website. If you purchase a theme and we're not able to get it to work on your website we will not charge you for our labor. Mostly, you'd get them to work by disabling a plugin and then tackle that plugin issue on your own or replace it. The process can be rather complicated but we're used to it :)

I hope you've enjoyed my post today. Be sure and come back tomorrow for more.


  1. Dear Snerdey, Thank you for the generous offer. Right now, I am tne newest newbie, LOL, and aside from getting a blog written daily, avoiding self embarrassment, and making one technical improvement each day... Blah... see... just ran out of steam.
    Just joking. Today I'll make a few notes about my future blog. Buncha stuff running around in my head, and I'll finalize it on paper. Backatcha later. KB

  2. What a beautiful way to pay it forward Snerdey!

  3. @Cricket - Thank you :)

    @kbain10 - Everyone has to start somewhere. More than happy to be of assistance.

  4. Wow! Snerdey you are my new WP super hero (do you wear spandex and a cape by chance?) Thank you for your amazing offer. I am going to take you up on it for a site that I want to do using Headway if that is okay.... If I could figure out my gravatar it would be here, but alas I can't lolol.