Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What does a Farmer and Webmaster have in common?

Right off the bat they both get up at the crack of dawn. Yeah right! Most webmaster's get up in the afternoon! So, this story is about those early birds. The farmer has a rooster to wake them up as the rooster crows every morning. The webmaster has the smell of fresh coffee brewing in the morning via the auto timer on the coffee maker. They are both up and ready for a full days work. So, let's see just how they are the same.

The farmer will need to tend to the heard. Most have cattle or some livestock they've invested into for the market or maybe a horse just for riding. Now the webmaster has clients as livestock. They all need to be monitored, checked, tested via the maintenance contracts they've got going on. All of this happens before any projects are started.

The webmaster then checks email, tweets something and even might post a new photo on Facebook. While the farmer is checking the gas tanks, oil and insuring the machines are greased up and ready for plowing.

Now, the farmer is riding a tractor and the webmaster is sitting in their chair at the desk. The computer is their machine that they use to tend to the crops or the internet shall we say :)

When the day is over the farmer is able to look back and say "Yep, I've taken care of everything just need a little more rain" the rain helps the crops grow thus the ROI is the sale of the corn, wheat, potato's etc.. Now, the webmaster is able to look back and say "Cool, I've got all the sites updated, online marketing is running, online advertising and says I just need a few more clicks and sales" thus this is their ROI. Return on investment is the key to monitoring any business.

So, what's the difference in the Farmer and the Webmaster?

Physical Stress vs. Mental Stress.
ROI is higher for the Webmaster in the long run.
One gets filthy dirty while the other is always clean.

How do I know this, why do I think it?
I was raised on a 500 acre farm from the age of nine till I was fifteen. It was hard work and the only thing I got was my room, food, clothes and a go cart. Friends were a miles apart. I'm happy that I was able to experience the life of a farmer. But, when the telephone tech showed up to repair our phone. I asked a lot of questions. Three years later I was working for South Western Bell as a telephone contract installer.. that's another story.

Hope you've enjoyed todays thoughts.. come back tomorrow for more.


  1. Like you I grew up on a ranch. I miss the life although you're right you work your tail off and do not make much money.

  2. I'm still working my tail off. Perhaps more than those days :)

  3. Yeah, but the farmer gets to slaughter that dang rooster if it makes him mad. (grin)