Monday, January 3, 2011

What Does Your Website Do Anyway?

It's the 1st Monday of the New Year 2011
Happy New Year Everyone!

Believe it or not I was fast asleep by 9:30pm on New Years Eve! 1st time for everything. Lately the orders and scheduling don't care too much about holidays. Next year, it's going to be a little different for sure! Well, it's too big of a day not to mention a few things in my 1st post of the year. Normally I'll just blurt out what comes to mind. So, let's get this party started!

For starters our good friends over at the V7Network posted a 30 day blog challenge for those that blog and those that don't that have been thinking about having a blog. It's a great idea to motivate other website owners or professional bloggers to get back in the routine of posting daily blogs, including me! Pretty sure anyone is welcomed to join. The official notice is on the home page of the v7Network Blog, it's never too late to start blogging!

One of the most common things my clients visit with me about during our initial conversation is what is the website job? What is it you want it to do for you? I hear all kinds of ideas go from dream stage to project completion. Being that many are webmasters, newbies and small business owners. Questions are bounced around and the concept is brought to light so everyone's on the same page. Corporate projects tend to know exactly what they want and have a set business model in place.

Most website owners create a site with the intentions of doing the same as everyone else. Get noticed, make sales, increase clicks or return on investment. There are so many ways that a website can bring in results. The most popular ways is to create a website promoting someone else's product or services. Typically referred to as affiliate programs or reseller accounts. Many of the businesses running this type of marketing require you to have lots of traffic or an established site as they don't want to have 10,000's accounts just sitting out there on the web doing nothing.

Even if you're creating a website with your own unique niche product. There's nothing wrong with sharing the limelight with others. Most bloggers use some form of making money, donations etc.. or promoting their services like I normally do.

I've used this referral program to help others Monetize their websites or blog using a company that has it's own network of websites via it's Advertisers and Publishers services it offers site owners a way sell or buy advertising on the web. If your new to this they are currently offering a Free $20 Trial. That's how I joined and you can cancel anytime.

Coming up..

We're always gearing up to tackle the task already at hand. Snerdey is currently in our 7th year and come June 2011 we'll be starting our 8th year! So, be sure and join us on Facebook so you'll be notified of the celebration with online sales and specials.

Currently creating a new site for my own website. The goal was to have it ready by January 1, 2011. Lucky for me I can keep pushing back my own sites to insure clients projects are moving along. The website is a few months in the making already so I don't mind putting it on the back burner. Gives me lots of time to work on making it user friendly and as informative as possible.

I'll also be mixing it up my post with both business, personal and just life in general. Maybe even share a few BBQ tips now and then. I think those 3 Guineas have it made... they are just up there on that roof checking out that sunset. Not too concerned with checking emails, fixing codes. Those birds are indeed living the dream.

Thanks for tuning in today.. come back tomorrow for some more.

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