Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011 From Snerdey

Wow it's already January 3, 2011

Officially the 1st Monday of the new year. It's also the 1st post of the year. Lot's of 1st will all be happening this year. You know you hear people say the're spinning plates, wearing many hats? That's how most web designers are. They are happier with lot's of things to do everyday or a weeks worth of work done within a day. The one thing that most designers are is fast.

If they are not careful they'll overlook something, save an email in the wrong place.. lot's can start to snowball when we focus on one website too long. This year will be no different except busier than last year for me. History has proven this since day one and my calendar is looking more like a menu in a restaurant. I'd like to personally thank all of our clients, partners, affiliates and so many friends for your support throughout the years. Here's to your continued success!

What's new this year?

With each year that comes and goes it's always the 1st day of the new year that is full of visions both past and future. We're lucky as humans as we're able to make choices everyday that have a direct affect on tomorrow. Here's to yours, ours and loved ones that the year 2011 brings many of your good visions to light. That you're able to close the door to the past and enjoy the new year as it's intended to be... full of life, love and happiness.

It's not always about sales and specials :)
Did I just say that?

There's a new calendar on my desk with January 01, 2011. Oh man, it's good to start the new year on time and I'm thankful to have so many happy clients. When your're a freelance web designer that also caters supplies to webmasters both newbies and seasoned coders as well as maintain you own clients websites. There's also 2 data center accounts for hosting, emails for clients and about to add a 3rd as I don't like keeping them all in one data center. You just have to wear a lot of hats in this business. Sometimes those hats are full of information and experience, some are still learning as well so I have to rely on my network of partners, affiliates and team players that all share the same goal of customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction has always been the #1 goal of my work. Many times in the beginning I quoted low knowing I could knock out a job real quick and save them some money, get me a sale. Well over the past years there's been a lot of changes to the web and lots of new rules of the road if you will. With search engine companies switching up search results one really has to tend to their website. So many website owners tend to just create the few pages and walk away from it. That's like starting in a race and running 10 feet to stop. The rest will indeed pass you by with fresh content, new pages, blogs, tweets.. social marketing .. heck, all kinds of marketing not to mention common SEO practices.

Snerdey has the support of 100's people behind the name. I love to consult with clients, kick the can around with ideas then come up with the design with not only what they want but most importantly .. what they can afford. Which brings me to something that one needs to consider when starting a new website. As with just about anything in life.. you get what you pay for.

So before you spend a dime on anything. Feel free to contact me and I'll be happy to take the time to review what you have in mind. I'll be happy to supply you with a list of options or even if need be refer you to one of our partners we trust. It's all about who you know.. not how much you pay.

Best of luck to everyone with this new year. Thank you for choosing for your website services. As promised our rates are still the same as they were in 2004 with no plans to increase. Money is important but it's not everything :)

Snerdey was established June 2004 and now in it's 7th year.. our official celebration will be June 2011. Be sure and sign up for our new upcoming newsletter so you don't miss out on the good deals and freebies we've got planned.

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