Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rent Me For $450 A Month

Got your attention?

Why is it that people think you're a computer repair guru just cause you own a website? Soon as I tell someone that I have a website etc.. they think you're a computer-repair-walk-on-water-do-anything-guru. I finally just stopped explaining it and just do my best :)

While on my way over to a friends home to repair an aging desktop. I passed by a billboard that read "Rent Me for $450 a month". Really got me to thinking. These things are normally $3,500 in the good old days. Of course location has a lot to do with it. But, this city is full of them. Kinda thinking they are mostly ignored.

I don't recall the last time I passed a billboard that made me go surf for something.

Like to know your thoughts...
  • Ever consider using one?
  • Have you ever rented one?

Hope you enjoyed today's post, it's crazy busy around here today. Thus I left my billboard "blank". Be sure and come back tomorrow for more.. I'd also love to hear your comments.



  1. Sheesh! And here I was all ready to write out the check! LOLOLOL!

  2. LOLOLOLOL! You still have that rent to own option available? (grin)

  3. Put my avatar on that thing

  4. I just love an empty sign!!! Now what could we put on that sign, like I can read them when driving down the road!!

  5. lol @ the billboard

  6. I actually enjoy reading billboards, though they are dangerously distracting sometimes. I even see electronic ones now that rotate messages. They must work because they are still around.

  7. Thanks.. it's just as rewarding to write things as it is to read all the comments ;)

  8. My DH is an IT analyst. He wears MANY hats at work. People will call ME for help. I finally started telling them (with a smile) that we share a bed, not a brain!!
    Love the billboard>>

  9. Sydney isn't really a billboard city, if they have them I haven't noticed them. When you drive out into more remote areas there might be billboards for accommodation or mcdonalds - which are direction ones - but not specific businesses really.

    In any event, I think the major benefit is to create brand awareness. If people see your billboard enough they'll remember you.

    As for the "you own a website, please fix my computer" theory, I've been getting that one ever since I started using computers. Funny how your skills are worth $0 as well.

  10. Thanks guys and gals! Well, somehow I've always been rewarded with wonderful home cooked meals or back in the day I used to love to get the computer junk boxes. Ahh.. I had so much the garage was full. So, I just stopped one day. I had a free sale, opposite of garage sale.. I just had FREE SALE .. people asked how much? It was funny :)