Monday, January 10, 2011

It's Monday - Time To Choose What To Lose

Last Monday it was the long awaited beverage "Beer". Yep, it's been a week now without one single drop. Did I miss it? Not really, kinda wished it was one of the first things I picked. Guess I just wanted to save some of my favorites for last. It's week 54 now and over the year choosing something to quit doing has become easy as just saying it to myself and that's it. Of course when I reach my goal I fully intend on returning some of my favorites.. just in moderation ;)

Today's post is a little special to me. I hope you find it interesting and I'd love to hear your comments!

Here's a "Chapter Share" of my book. Let's take a peek inside ;)
* The book is almost completed. I've got to go back and redo things so, your feedback is appreciated.

How Sweet It Is

Today's pick is Sugar. I totally had to prepare for this one being it's such a huge part of my daily life. I just had to build up to removing sugars as this is not going to be easy as pie. My mornings normally begin with three cups of coffee. I prefer the half and half caffeine type. Good thing I drink it black! This is for those of you who add sugar and cream. No, you don't have to change your coffee habit. I would not dare want you to lose that special treat we get to keep everyday. That's everyone's little secret!

I've given this a lot of thought and researched a few websites regarding sugars. One of the websites that really caught my attention were the good people over at They have an interesting way of showing you the amount of sugar in many popular foods. I did not believe my eyes when I noticed the amounts of sugars inside foods that I considered healthy. In many ways they are healthy. But, to someone on a diet we have to be aware of just how sweet it is.

Here's a quote from the website that says it in a nutshell.

"The method of my diet is simple. I count calories. Everything I eat, I write down the calorie count, keeping a running total. I limit my daily intake to 1500-1600 calories per day. No exceptions are allowed. If I cannot figure out the exact calorie count for something, I don't eat it." - By SugarStacker on July 16, 2009 8:14 PM

Now I'm not saying go throw away all the bags of sugars and things from your pantry. If there's anything you're no longer eating be sure and donate it to your local charity. So, how would I remove sugar from my daily coffee. Like this..

I'm going to use two teaspoons of sugar and a enough cream to make it a lite brownish color for this sample. That's how I used to drink coffee for years and years. Since I did this method myself anyone should be able to do it.

Monday - Day One
Well, since it's not good for anyone around you to go cold turkey on sugar. Just reduce it slowly during this week so by next Monday you're ready to move to the next item. Today, enjoy your coffee as you like.

Tuesday - Day Two
Let's make a slight change to the first cup today. Reduce the sugar to one and a half teaspoons. Use slightly less cream. You can choose to do this for all cups today. But, remember I only drink three cups a day.


Hope you've enjoyed today's post. Be sure and come back tomorrow for more!

A BIG Shout Out!To all my fellow bloggers in the v7Network 30 Day Blogging Challenge.
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  1. Wow,

    So you've given up 1 thing every week for 54 weeks and haven't returned to those things yet? If I've read that correctly, that is absolutely impressive.

    I have a similar story to tell (it has to deal with weight loss), something that has been building as a blog post for perhaps 15 months now - I'm just really pedantic about how I want to word it because I want the message to get through.

    Giving up sugar was extremely difficult for me. Big black coffee drinker with sugar. Of course that is easily replaced with an artificial sweetener (I still don't use sugar in coffee). Hardest for me though, was lollies. I'm an absolute sweet tooth, so smashing myself with exercise whilst dropping sugar from the diet made it that much more difficult.

    The body does need sugar, and that's why fruit is suggested. But people need to realise why "2 serves" of fruit a day are suggested and not 5 or 6. Overdoing it on fruit can be counter-productive to weight loss. I must admit, I ate whatever fruit I wanted, my body was craving sugar so hard, but I stopped drinking soft drinks and beer altogether for 3 months, and only drank water so I guess I balanced it out.

    Anyhoo great to see you testing your willpower!

    BTW why do american's always say "loose"? Do you guys really spell lose with two "o's" or can none of you spell correctly? LOL

  2. Thanks for letting me know about the typo and for sharing your story. Yes, you're correct. I've selected something that's no longer part of my daily habits.

    There will be whatever I want in the 3 meals a day. Actually you find yourself using smaller plates. Getting full on smaller amounts.

    In the book I talk about handling those cravings and how I rewarded myself with tiny cheats now and then. No sense in driving on mad while trying to make yourself healthy ;)

  3. Keep up the good work!! Sugar is truly empty calories. (BUT yummy ones!!) :)

  4. Love this, after giving up everything with wheat, barley (malt balls were the hardest here), rye and oats I know the pain. Sugar is the one I start today according to my Dr. it will help me drop those creeping pounds the quickest. Thanks for the tips on doing it slowly and remembering to cheat once in awhile to keep sane :)