Thursday, January 27, 2011

Beam Me Up Scotty!

Sometimes "time" is just not on your side. Especially when the to do list is higher than the stack of orders on your desk. As a kid I used to act out the show Star Trek. Oh my goodness that brings back many memories. Back then we had those neat communicators as well as the badges. Even our neighbor had the helm setup in his garage. Yep, I'm a trek fan but I don't go to the costume parties :)

I'll quote the movie Star Trek.
"Spock, put aside logic and do what feels right" - Spock (speaking to himself from the future).

The internet is as big as your imagination can dream up. I sometimes wonder if the internet, within the network and all it's space it has to offer the users. One might think, hmm.. is it possible that the computers all networking together create a universe of some sort?

With just a click of your mouse, you can travel to many destinations and never step foot out of your home. Virtual tours, ordering food and of course shopping for all kinds of things under the sun. I'm sure your wondering how does Star Trek fit into the idea of your website. Well, most people on the web are searching for something. They are also very quick about it too! They surf like the Klingon's attack the Star Ships. Show up out of nowhere and zap the are gone!

That's where your website or shall I say your Star Ship might be loosing it's warp drive. One possibility, it's not moving as fast as the other ships in the area. A website is part of the Internet Universe and full of instant gratification surfers.

The website has got to flow easy, quick and to the point. You do not want to waste their time with over crowding and unrelated content. No sense in visiting a website to order a cake when you're searching for a size thirteen shoe. Not too many will wait for over 15 seconds for your website to load. Nowadays it's more like less than 10 seconds max!

I read somewhere that ... Google want's website owners to provide just what they are really about. Keep it human, simple and don't go chasing their rules and how they rank sites to be number one You know what, they are right. If my information is not worthy of being high in the rankings. Then why would I want to spend money or time trying to make it the best when in case it might not be the best.

The most important part to me is .. Customer Service and that keeps my customers coming back for more.

Hope you enjoyed todays post, be sure and come back tomorrow for more!

Beam Me Up!
Snerdey ;)


  1. Wonderful analogy! It all comes back to providing your visitors exactly what they are looking for.

  2. Love this analogy - it fits with something that I needed linkie resources for - so I'll link back when the post is done!

  3. Great post and analogy! My website is missing dilithium crystals or something but with the blogging challenge I've recieved alot more visits and comments than I ever have before.

  4. But..... if the ship designers do not consider Google's position as Supreme Admiral of the galaxy, then their ship will never leave Space Dock.

    Seems a shame if the hottest new ship in the star system is left perennially cloaked -- invisible to others, unable to use her warp drive, and unable to teleport her riches.

  5. Thank you for your comments everyone!

    True, the ship needs to be able to set sail or it's not going anywhere :)

    Sometimes people just like to keep it simple. Create a blog and just go for it. Many I've created websites for did not do it for sales or even to gain exposure.

    Even more.. large corporations tend to just do what they want. Traffic is not an issue due to the marketing and print etc..

    My projects are from A-Z with budgets to match ;)

    I'm so out of dilithium crystals Robert, could ya transport some this way?

    Link away ;)

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