Saturday, October 30, 2010

Branding that works..

There are things you just don't think about when you create your business. Simple things of all kinds of course. Sometimes it's the big part of your plan that really needed some thinking time as well as a little research..

I spent much of my youth in this small town so it somehow just felt right to start my little idea of offering web design services to locals and the web of course. Everything was set to go and ready to start the marketing phase of the business. My plans were to get 3 billboards. One on each road leading into the town. Now, I was also promoting the local business directory I created to help promote the whole town.

Checked with the city and ... There are no billboards allowed. One does not always look but yeah, the town is not going to have them within the city limits. Wow, this took some time to think.. hmm, what could I do.

Well, this is what I came up with as my work around for the lack of billboards.

Yes, this is a car wrap. You're able to see out the windows and let me tell you what. My phone rang day one just driving it home from the sign company. By the way is the company we hired to make this. Outstanding work and this car turned heads for a couple of years.

The car became a nightmare in repairs. It was purchased used and was just to be driven around locally. Picked it up for about 6k and the sign itself was about 1,400 as it had artwork to redraw the hippo.

The car alone brought in 1 custom website order / week just sitting in a parking lot downtown.

One of the lessons learned.. get a new car or at least something reliable and go for it with the design! Here's a truck of a clients website. We supplied the art for the sign.

So if you really want to bring targeted traffic to your website.. show everybody with a car wrap. Those that need it, want it will indeed remember your site or at least your company name or logo etc.. this one has a beautiful woman on the side.. sexy stuff sells :)

Best of luck to everyone.

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