Wednesday, October 6, 2010

20% Off HTML 5 Templates

20% discount on all templatemonster HTML 5 type templates.

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More about these types of templates.

  • First and foremost HTML 5 greatly simplifies the creation of websites and web products.
  • Video elements. We’ve already mentioned that video elements thing and this is one of the best HTML 5 features because you can embed video without having to use any kinds of third party services.
  • HTML 5 facilitates your work with various web applications and this is really cool feature because it allows you to implement different apps even without having an Internet connection.
  • Another great feature is the new approach to the “canvas” element. According to the developers this element will allow you to design it all “on-the-fly”. Here’s a great example of using this tag – below you’ll find a great model called Cloth Simulation. This model was created by Andrew Hoyer with the help of the canvas tag and some jQuery scripts.

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