Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Break Your Website Shell

I wonder how many websites have been created over the duration of the internet's existence? Billions seams to be the right number and we can go with that for this post. There are many different types of websites out on the web. Many are updated monthly, weekly and even many times a day such as a news website for example.

With all these billions of websites have you noticed how many never change or even updated? Check the dates on post, added pages and you'll find that there are bunches that are just outdated or those incredibly boring landing pages that have no content other than ad links for something you might have been searching for.

To me, the internet was designed to help us create a presence of our services, businesses, communities etc.. ya know? So, what's with all these other web sites? Pretty sure there are more websites on the internet than there are people on Earth! If anyone has the ratio please comment :)

So break out of your shell! That's right, if you have not taken a look at your website in months.. it's high time you get to it if you want it to do anything for you that is? For me it's grabbing a Website Template and making a few slight changes so it's unique to the project. Templates allow webmasters, designers and the do it yourself business owners to have a head start on labor. Using a template helps in reducing the initial hours of the project. It also allows the clients budget to be spent on what they are after rather than all the things they don't see behind the scenes.

More websites are totally controlled by web designers as they were hired to create a website for the business. That's how it used to be. Now, you can switch your website to a WordPress Theme based website or even one of the new FlashCMS Websites. Both of these options make it easy to add content, photos etc.. So if you really want to break out of your shell? I'd suggest switching to a CMS (content management software) type website which will indeed allow to you break out of your shell. Now you will be able to provide some real content for your visitors without having to budget for those pricey website updates.

If you'd like to know more on how Snerdey can help your business.. feel free to contact us today!

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