Sunday, August 8, 2010

FlashCMS Websites

We've been busy lately testing and putting to use the new FlashCMS Website Templates and as affiliates of TemplateMonster we like having direct contact with the tech support, software engineers and really pushing to work out all the bugs we could find. It was no easy task let us be the 1st to tell you that! Ok, maybe not the 1st who knows right!! Ok, so let's build a new or replace a website.

The 1st thing that comes to mind when people think "Flash" is poor or no SEO. Well, that' s no longer the case with these new designs. Even more you can now create unlimited pages with assigned keywords & descriptions for each of those pages. Easier main menu control, sub menus as well as photo galleries and even videos from your digital or Youtube ID number.

There's no longer the need for databases as it does not use a MySQL Database and you don't need to know PHP, HTML or any coding.

Installation is simple:

Purchase the template you like.
Unzip it into your project folder.
Upload in binary code via your FTP account of your hosting account.
Activate the template "only 10 tries" so make sure you have IP # / URL correct.
Login to the admin section.. Walla, you're now editing a really powerful website!

* An installation PDF is included with the template files. Just follow the directions :)

A couple of our recent projects using FlashCSM Templates

Both of the companies are now doing their own updates and doing a great job we might add!!

Admin Control Panel - Demo ( user name and pass is already in landing page for you )

Before you purchase one of the templates you'll want to make sure your hosting provider can handle the new software. If not, the purchase comes with a free year of hosting "while offer last from our supplier "TemplateMonster" if not our private hosting is only $69 per year.

Any questions just ask the live chat support on our website at anytime as we're here for you 24/7/365 days a year!

Happy Editing!

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