Sunday, October 4, 2009

Social Media - Conversions are good!

Using Twitter to eCommerce.

Social media is the fastest information train on the web. If you're not converting to sales then you're either not tracking it correctly or just going about it all wrong.

Take Twitter for example.. it's everywhere and of course the life expectancy is up in the air as so many things are coming down the pike.. it's what's hot now and we use everything to our advantage to get our messages to our clients.

Twitter.. well, we followed other owners, ceo's and small businesses. What's cool is the people that follow them started following us. Those 140 characters of text are POWERFUL!

Just don't bore people with .. I'm making coffee, eating lunch, going home.. others provide totally useless links to websites that are not even working or poorly designed. Thus all efforts are wasted and you kinda start questioning why your using it in the 1st place.

Spam is a problem all over the web.. so those followers that are sex, dating etc.. just block them right away. You don't want to just follow anyone and you also don't want just anyone following you.

Hope this was helpful.

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