Friday, May 25, 2007

Finally got a Blog!

After such a long time of just working and spending time helping clients with projects I'm finally able to sit back and share what I can to help others in the web community. Mostly I figure it will be newbies and that's fine with me as established competitors in my field will just have to eat dust!

Blogging is all about anything and everything, but this blog will not be personal interest and junk but rather views, suggestions and great finds of products or services that will help those just starting out on the web with a business or web site of just about any kind.

Now, I'm not going to start with step one but rather what to do next. No, I will not be talking about how to edit flash, setup this or that. Just when I post it will be related to web design or the like.

I could careless about what others think, as I've always made my own roads. I suggest you do the same as it's what helped me make what it is today.

Coffee is ready and it's the weekend. Time for family and a trip to the mountains.. when I get back next week I will post something of interest.


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